Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Working at a school. If one must have a job, a school is a pretty nice place to work for getting extra days off. I definitely enjoyed an extra day off with my sweet baby due to conferences and Presidents’ Day, too.

2. Having a baby with such personality. He is SO funny. I’ve thought he was funny since I was pregnant with him!

Must get every last macaroni…

3. Getting to spend Valentine’s Day with the man of my dreams and the baby love of my life. Even though Stephen had to work that morning, I’ll take all the time I can get with my boys.

4. That was our 8th Valentine’s Day together. I knew he was a keeper from the very first one when, having been together just over a month, he sent me a legit Joe Sakic jersey. Clearly it was love.

5. The absolute joy Jonathan experienced making the biggest mess ever out of one tiny Dove chocolate heart. I was laughing so hard watching this unfold in my rearview mirror that I had to pull over and document it.

6. Brunch and cards with our great friends, Brandon & Meghan.

7. Speaking of Brandon and Meghan, now that it’s “Facebook official,” I can finally say I’m thankful for their sweet baby on the way!

8. Jonathan has been blowing kisses like crazy this week and it gets cuter every single time.

9. Jonathan being right on track with his development at his conference at school. They even said he holds his crayon the right way, so he’s advanced on that. Do we have a little writer or artist on our hands?!

10. Receiving my business cards in the mail- they’re so cute! And updating my website to match them.

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Actually remembering to write this on Thursday this week!

2. Getting some gorgeous shots of my handsome boy in his 12 month photos IMG_0832IMG_0846             IMG_0835 3. And one with his incredibly handsome daddy IMG_0861 4. Jonathan’s new dancing skills. I absolutely love watching him dance to the Friends theme song, the Grammys, me singing…

5. Getting to have a BBQ with our friends. In February. It was a beautiful day outside and Jonathan loved exploring Jameson and Rachel’s backyard :) IMG_2978 6. Having so many friends who are so good with our son. He got to hang out with Kevin & Brittany at Kevin’s surprise party and Jameson, Rachel, Brandon, Meghan, Kellen, Molly & Benny at the BBQ. It’s so fun having a baby who likes people.

7. Getting to take Jonathan for a long walk to the park and playing there for a little while.

8. Jonathan’s new blowing kisses trick. He blows me kisses when I drop him off at his class every morning.

9. Ordering the prettiest business cards for Amanda Rabon Photography – I can’t wait for them to arrive.

10. A short work week this week and next week. Extra time with my boy!

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Extra cuddles from my baby this weekend (even though it was because he was sick)

2. Tons of prayers pouring in from all over the country for Jonathan from our family and friends. Literally coast to coast!

3. Dan doing well at the Winter WODfest competition

4. Kind strangers on the freeway letting Stephen know the tire on my car was flat before it exploded and could have seriously endangered his life.

5. Antibiotics. Modern medicine gets a bad reputation a lot of the time, but the amazing difference in how Jonathan felt before and after he got the amoxicillin is enough to make this mama thankful.














6. Costco prorating a new tire for us after ours was unrepairable. Huge savings.

7. The incredible generosity of some of the people in our lives, who always want to bless us, no matter the reason.

8. Paying off some debt – what a great feeling and such an investment in our family’s future.

9. Stronger, harder, better runs. I know I’m dropping the running card every week but I’m working my butt off so I’m thankful to feel results.

10. My sweet baby boy feeling well enough to take his 12 month photos, finally.

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

  1. A great photo shoot with the Anderson Family on Sunday. Little Lily is just such a doll! I’m looking forward to shooting her 12 month photos in April!
  2. Two beautiful January days at nearly 70 degrees. A girl could get used to such gloriousness! I’m even more excited for spring after taking Jonathan to the park this week.
  3. A park play date with my friend Stephanie and her sweet little guy, Waylon. Steph used to work with me at the school and her son is only a few months older than Jonathan. It was so good to catch up with her!
  4. A play date with Kelsey and Piper. These two girls are such wonderful friends to us and getting to spend some time together discussing motherhood and our families was just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes it’s good to not be a hermit.
  5. Adorable photos of my baby boy at school sent to me by his teacher.
    This face!

    This face!


  6. Experienced teachers in Jonathan’s class and all around me who are great resources for me as a mother of a child transitioning from infant to toddler.
  7. A husband who is constantly working to provide for our family.
  8. Listening to the cutest baby giggles on a regular basis- his personality is just blossoming daily!
  9. Getting better at running again. I take any small increase in speed or endurance as a victory. For that matter, I take any time I follow through and actually do it as a victory. Cuddling my boys is always preferable, but sometimes this mama needs to do it for herself and it’s my half hour of “me time” each day.
  10. Making great progress in the goals I’ve set for myself this year. I’m hopeful to continue this trend as we embark on February!

Thankful Thursday

This week was wonderful – a time full of celebration of our sweet little man. For more on his first birthday, read more here. In all of the excitement and fun, this week I am thankful for:

1. Mom and Dad arriving in Colorado safely

2. Great friends who came to celebrate Jonathan’s birthday with us- he just loves his Uncle Brandon and Auntie Meghan!


Jonathan loves Auntie & Uncle time!


3. The incredible generosity of our family and friends. Jonathan received so many wonderful gifts, and still has enough gift cards from Christmas and his birthday for a serious Target shopping spree!

4. The never-enough-but-always-appreciated time spent with Mom & Dad. These visits are never long enough, but are so special to us!

5. Technology! Thanks to phones and Skype, Jonathan was able to talk to and see his grandparents, uncle and cousins for his birthday.

A video message from his cousins Jack and Milo

A video message from his cousins Jack and Milo

6. Jonathan’s sweet teachers at school – they had signs up around the classroom to wish him a happy birthday.

7. Parents at the school being very complimentary and really appreciative of the work that I do there.

8. Co-workers who are so sweet to my boy! It takes us a good 10 minutes to get from his classroom to the car because everyone wants to see him and talk to him.

9. A happy, healthy boy! His 12 month well-baby checkup went very well and we’re so blessed to have such a healthy child. I recognize the hardships that so many parents face in regard to their children’s health, even at such an early age. These moms and dads are a true inspiration in how they are advocating for their children and ensuring the best care is available to them. If you’re looking for an incredible story of faith and trust in God’s goodness, check out Hil’s Kitchen Blog. I’ve never met them, but I do know the author’s mother-in-law from my previous job in California. Their little one is just a few days older than Jonathan. Join me in praying for this sweet baby girl and her parents.

10. Good weather rolling in! This weekend is supposed to get close to 60 degrees! Be still my heart! And, with this good weather, I should be able to do a photo shoot for the sweetest little girl‘s 9 month photos :)

Jonathan’s First Birthday

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. – Psalm 139:19

On Saturday, we celebrated Jonathan’s First Birthday. It’s amazing to me that it has already been a year since our precious boy was born and brought so much joy to our lives. His birth and the following days still feel so fresh in my mind, as does the feeling of overwhelming love that flooded the room when he was placed on my chest. We did not know until 8:54am on Friday, January 17, 2014 that the baby we had been waiting for, that I had been carrying and whose body was knit together in my womb for the last 39 weeks was a boy. But being “mama” to our sweet boy is more wonderful than I could have hoped for. They say there’s a special bond between mother and son and I believe that must be true. I am just so crazy about him. His personality is much like I always thought it was while I was pregnant with him- hilarious, inquisitive and ever so active.

Sometimes the best gifts come wrapped in blankets with tiny feet on them.

Sometimes the best gifts come wrapped in blankets with tiny feet on them.

To celebrate this amazing child, we decided to do an intimate family gathering. My parents were able to fly out from California and Nevada to spend the weekend with us. I’m so thankful for these special times Jonathan gets to spend with his grandparents. I’ve always had such a great relationship with my own grandparents that I feel blessed that Jonathan will get to experience that as well. We missed having his Grandma and Grandpa Rabon out this year, but know that we look forward to seeing them in the coming months.

We started his morning with Rabon Pancakes. He’s been salivating over pancakes for months, tortured by his inability to consume honey until the age of one. Rabon Pancakes are a recipe that Stephen’s mom has been using for years that are healthier than normal pancakes and primarily sweetened by honey instead of sugar. Uncle Matt was sweet enough to make him some pancake batter the night before, knowing that he himself couldn’t consume any while on the Whole30 diet. Jonathan is pretty lucky to have such a sweet uncle.

He LOVED his pancakes!

He LOVED his pancakes!

I spent the morning cooking his birthday lunch and baking his cake, so he spent time playing with his dad and sous-chefing for me. My favorite birthday meal has always been tacos, rice and beans, so I thought there could be no better choice for his birthday lunch. He’s eating more real food now, and is able to use his superb pincer grasp to feed himself. Rice and beans are naturally perfectly sized for him and by “deconstructing” the taco, he was able to enjoy some shredded roast beef, tomatoes, corn tortilla, cheese and lettuce.


Mom and Dad were both at the house in time for lunch and Uncle Brandon & Auntie Meghan also came and joined us. It was nice to have a small gathering of people who love him and are close to him. We sat with him and chatted while he ate pieces of his meal. Then, it was cake time. If he were true to his mother’s example, there would have been cake in his hair, ears, and nose. Jonathan, however, is more gentle than I was at his age. When presented with his birthday smash cake, he proceeded to pick off and eat sprinkles one by one (pincer grasp strikes again).



After some examples from his dad on how to dig in, he did eventually go for it.






After he had his cake, Uncle Brandon and Auntie Meghan had some other engagements to attend to and he opened his gifts with his dad, Grandpa, Nani and I. He was, of course, very well-loved by our family and friends. He went from almost no toys before Christmas to having many to choose from now that Christmas and his birthday have come and gone. He is enjoying exploring all of his new options and learning new sounds, shapes and colors. He is even learning some Spanish along the way.





We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing and enjoying each other’s company. He received phone calls, texts and videos from those who love him and even got to Skype for a little while with his Uncle CD and big cousin Slade. In all, we couldn’t have been blessed with a more perfect celebration for our laid-back, fun-loving little guy.

We have his 12 month well-baby check up on Thursday, so be looking forward to a post with his new stats and a new chalkboard!

Mommy and Daddy love you, Jonathan Michael. We couldn’t be more blessed, thankful and proud to be your parents. You continue to amaze us each and every day with how sweet, loving, smart, funny and charming you are. Watching you learn and explore the world is exhilarating and we look forward to encouraging you to use your innate curiosity to discover new things every day. God has truly blessed us with you and the story of redemption in our lives that you represent is beautifully unfolding as you grow. God always keeps His promises and has given us the desire of our hearts. 

Thankful Thursday

So remember that time 10 days ago that I said I was going to restart Thankful Thursdays two days later? No? Good.

While we’re selectively remembering things, please forget that today is Friday. Pretend today is Thursday.

Now that we’re in our own little happy blog fantasy land…

Since I last wrote, I have been thankful for:

1. Getting some fun new camera equipment from my dad for my birthday & Christmas

2. Having handsome photo subjects to test my new lens on


3. Getting to celebrate our friends’ engagement with them

4. The Broncos losing to the Colts- I know, not a popular opinion amongst the people here but it will definitely take some pressure off of the Super Bowl party we attend this year.

5. Getting to spend Sundays with both of my boys

6.  A few good runs

7. A few good meals

8. Getting my incredible, beautiful, wonderful, gigantic canvas prints in the mail that Stephen ordered me for Christmas. I love them so much it’s probably unhealthy.

9. Spending the last couple days reminiscing on the birth of our son. With his first birthday coming up tomorrow, I am getting all emotional and nostalgic about being pregnant and his birth and how perfect he was that day and how perfect he is now. Being a mom is the best.

10. The fact that Jonathan and I are going to be leaving in like an hour to pick up my dad from the airport!

First birthday pictures to come!