30 Before 30

30 Before 30

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a great idea. 30 Before 30 is essentially a bucket list for your twenties of things you’d like to accomplish before you turn 30. So, as of today (June 28, 2012), I’ve got roughly 2 and 1/2 years to complete the items on this list. Some of these are going to seem silly to most people, but I wanted a mixture of items that are attainable/realistic and some that will be more of a challenge. So, here it is:
1. Have a baby      Jonathan Michael Rabon, born January 17, 2014, ❤
2. Visit at least 3 more MLB ballparks
3. Vacation at a ranch
4. Complete one of those Read the Bible in a Year programs
5. Go on a girls trip with Sandi and Nikki
6. Pay off debt
7. Go to a concert at Red Rocks  (John Denver Tribute Concert 7/12/12)
8. Get a DSLR camera (12/4/12- thank you best husband ever!)
9. Complete a thankfulness journal for an entire year
10. Volunteer for a meaningful cause  (Be The Gift, 11/1/14)
11. Try 10 local restaurants we’ve not tried (Local to Colorado)  (done 4/7/13)
12. Run a 5K    (3/14/13 Pi Day Virtual 5.0559k “with” my sisters)
13. Visit a new National Park
14. Get a puppy
15. Learn how to make really good tomatillo salsa from scratch  (9/5/12)
16. Take a long road trip with my husband  (4/24/13 Colorado to Tennessee) 
17. Ask 10 people their favorite book and then read it
18. Start a vegetable garden
19. Shop at a Farmer’s Market (5/5/13)
20. Visit a city new to both of us
21. Pay it Forward once a month for at least a year
22. Buy a house with the love of my life
23. Learn to play a song on my guitar
24. Make a pie from scratch  (10/5/14)
25. Take a photo worthy of blowing up to decorate our home with   (7/4/14- photo in J’s nursery)
26. Take a class of some sort (7/28/14 – Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health via Coursera)
27. Try out 30 new recipes  (10/17/13)
28. Go on a spontaneous vacation
29. Help my husband promote his blog (visit http://www.mindofsteve.com)
30. Learn to knit
I’ll update this list as I complete things and depending on what they are, there may be blog posts related.
Something I found interesting…
A few things I’ve done that are on other people’s 30 Before 30 Lists:
– Skydive
– Join the Marrow Donor list
– Dye my hair
– Donate hair to Locks of Love
– Get married
– Get certified in CPR
– Go on a honeymoon
– Graduate from college
– Buy myself a diamond ring
– Learn to shoot a gun
– Donate blood
– Own a brand new car
– Learn how to change your own oil
– Do 365 day Photo Challenge

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