Married for 6 Months :)

Six months ago today I married my best friend. Life since we got married has been crazy– moving out of Mom’s house into an apartment, quitting my job & Stephen transferring jobs, moving to Colorado, finding a new job and learning a new area– but it has been the happiest six months of my life. Getting to be with Stephen every day makes life feel whole. Not that life before was bad or lacking, but it’s just that this feels like how life should be. I love our evenings together. I love sleeping next to him every night. I love talking to him about everything going on in our lives. I love watching sports with him curled up on the couch in our opposing team’s blankets. I love learning how to make new food for him or making peanut butter cookies randomly just because I know they are the kind he likes. I love getting to be his biggest fan and supporting him in everything he does. I love talking about the future. I love when he refers to us as “our little family.” I love how he knows the things I like and encourages me in them (like photography).

This photo was from one of my walks on the trail behind our house to take photos of the fall colors. Stephen came with me and it was so fun having him there. I was down on the ground trying to get the angle just right and I looked up and he was taking a picture of me taking pictures. He ended up getting me like mid-sentence asking what he was doing so it ended up being a horrible picture but I thought it was a sweet thing for him to do. I think it was when I was taking this one:

Thanks to working at a school, I have a few extra days off this week for Fall Break. On Thursday Stephen and I are planning to go up to the mountains for the first time since we moved out here. He’s planning to take me to Maroon Bells where he thinks I’ll be able to take some “epic” pictures. 🙂 I love how he thinks of that kind of stuff for me. We’ll do some hiking in the area and I’ll bring my camera. It’s up by Aspen I think so it should be a pretty drive. The mountains have had some snow, so I’m interested to see how it looks up there. Here’s a photo from the internet of the Maroon Bells:

I’m looking forward to spending an entire day together and enjoying nature and having some fun with my camera. Plus wearing my cute hiking shoes and cute Camelbak 🙂

Tonight Stephen has a special roll out of new technology at work so we’re going to go out to dinner between his normal shift and when he has to be back to supervise the roll out of the new system. It’s not the ideal situation, but I’m happy to be able to spend any time with him. We’ll make up for it on Thursday.

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