Since the new year has started we have had some good times. We spent New Year’s Eve with the Athertons, which was fun as always. There were games, pool, fireworks and of course a midnight kiss with my handsome husband πŸ™‚ It was also FREEZING. We went outside to set off fireworks (which turned the snow on the road black) and then ran back into the warmth of the house.

The next weekend Stephen went to Vegas with some friends and my dad came to visit πŸ™‚ Dad and I had a lot of fun hanging out. I drove him around the area and showed him where I work and where Stephen works and he helped me pick out (and helped pay for) my treadmill. Then Matthew helped us put it together. I treated them to BWW and we watched the end of the Jets-Colts game there. It started snowing like crazy the next day and so I drove the Jeep to take Dad to the airport because the roads were so snowy and it was still coming down. We got 6-7 inches on our deck from that snow. It also kept Stephen from being able to fly home (more proof that snow is evil) so I spent that snowy night alone in our gigantic house. I was less than excited about that. On the plus side, I got the next day off as a snow day and was able to be with Stephen for a good portion of the day because of that.

Unfortunately not everything has been so awesome. On Wednesday Stephen was on his way home from work and got in a car accident. He was stopped at light to turn left and another car was turning right onto the street he was on, lost traction, and hit him on the driver’s side and then smashed head first into the car behind him. Thankfully, Stephen is okay and I could kiss that Jeep for protecting him. I, of course, freaked out when he called and told me and was not satisfied that he was okay until he got home and I could see him and hug him. Alexander (our Jeep) has some damage– scraped down the side, dented where the doors meet, plastic runners and wheel well casing cracked and the entire back left bumper was taken off. Poor guy 😦 Here are some photos:

Stephen took Alexander to the shop the next day and the estimate to repair the damage was $2962. Alexander is an amazing car but he’s only worth $2000-2500 due to his age (he’s a 98) and some other vandalism that has been done to him 😦 We love him and we don’t want to total him so we’re trying to work with the guy so that he’ll pay us outside of insurance. Also, we can’t really afford to get another car and another used car will have a hard time living up to the awesomeness that is Alexander. So we’re still in process to figure this thing out and hopefully it will all get squared away very soon.

We’re hoping to get our taxes out of the way soon (once I ever get my w2 from VCS… I haven’t worked there in 5 months… they should have sent it to me when I quit in my opinion. I wasn’t coming back.) and that extra money will be nice to have to pay off my credit card.

Things I’m looking forward to soon:

– Super Bowl
-Hopefully making it out to Nashville to visit the Rabon side of the family
– Hopefully making it out to CA to see the Padilla side & friends
– Mom coming to visit for Easter
– Gram and Grandpa coming to visit in early May

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