Time for Some R&R (&R&R)

This blog brought to you by the letter R!

I’m back to having a routine with my running. I know, I know, in the course of this blog I’ve stopped and started 2-3 times, but I’m back in action and getting my butt kicked by my treadmill every other day (which comes to 3-4 times per week). My shoes and I have now logged 344.6 miles together. I logged into Nike+ for the first time in a long time (I’ve been uploading runs straight from my iPhone) and checked out my status in both my “Run Across America” challenge and progress to Nike Level Blue. Using my friend Google, I saw that I am almost completely across Washington and will be entering Idaho soon :)Doesn’t seem like much when you zoom out and see the whole USA, but that’s pretty far on foot! I am also 276.5 miles away from the next level, which means I’m over halfway there. It’s the small victories.

In addition to running, I’ve been dabbling in yoga and pilates on my off days. I haven’t been as dedicated with those since returning from Spring Training but it’s been easy to get distracted with Rockies games on and a cute husband to cuddle. He’s been working more mornings, so he’s home when I get off work. A blessing to be sure, but it’s hard to turn down cuddling on the couch in favor of exercise.

I have also been making an attempt to eat healthier. I’m watching my calories with the Loseit! app/website and eating a whole bunch more fruit. I love fruit, so I don’t understand why I didn’t eat more previously but I love my breakfasts of Cuties clementines, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. So good. I’ve lost a little weight, which is always a welcome side effect. Nothing to write home about, but people are noticing a little bit of a slim down (Stephen & coworkers). That’s nice 🙂

I’m also looking to start trying new recipes including more healthy ingredients such as quinoa. I found a black bean and quinoa chili recipe online as well as a quinoa & tomato salad that looks pretty good. I located it at King Soopers and will hopefully be trying it soon. We’ve got our meals planned for the next two weeks (we’re trying to save money and waste less) so perhaps after that.

Thanks to a snowy day last Sunday, some relaxing evenings at home and Stephen closing two nights this week, I made it through three books this last week! How crazy is that? Totalling about 1500 pages, I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Redeeming Love & The Unnamed. The first I found disturbing, the second I found redeeming (appropriately named) and the third I found interesting/odd.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was for my Colorado Book Club. The book was interesting as you follow the mystery plot, but call me old fashioned, reading about rape, sadism and murder are just not my cup of tea. I felt that the detail given to these sections of the book were excessive and that I wanted to know more about the family mystery than the sad society that exists in Sweden. Each section began with a depressing statistic about the amount of sexual assault in Sweden (I’m not naive enough to pretend there isn’t plenty of sexual assault here in the US, but it makes me sad to think about, much less read about in detail) and every person in the book has had an unfortunate history with sex and it is largely portrayed badly or without importance. People in Sweden apparently give it away like it isn’t a big deal (yes I know that happens here too, doesn’t make it a good thing). Maybe I’m just a big old prude.

Redeeming Love was everything a girl could hope for out of a Christian historical fiction novel depicting the story of Hosea & Gomer from the Bible. Not going to lie, I couldn’t remember the story of Hosea off the top of my head (for shame!) but this book does contain elements of sadness and forced sexual relations but the story also helps the character involved to deal with it. Whereas those who suffered in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo were not given any help following their incidents (unless death counts), this story follows a “soiled dove” as she is shown God’s love through a man who, knowing her past, is willing to love her no matter what. A solid depiction of a man being “Jesus with skin on” as Pastor Ben used to say.

The Unnamed was an odd book. The premise is that a man has an unnamed, undiagnosable disease that causes him to walk without stopping until he reaches the point of total exhaustion. He has no control over this and it often occurs when he would least like it to. It follows his struggle to handle the illness, his wife and daughter’s struggle to help him as well as understand it themselves, and his undying love for his wife, no matter where the disease takes him. He struggles with thoughts of suicide, questioning the existence of the soul/God, how to “beat” the beast, how to keep his job as a lawyer and how to be there for his family. It sort of reminds me of The Time Traveler’s Wife in his inexplicable disappearances and waking up in random places. It wasn’t a bad read, though I’m not sure it lived up to the acclaim it received. Here I go being a prude again, but I’m not sure that the F-bombs dropped throughout the book or the descriptions of sex acts between him and his wife helped advance the story. It sort of reminded me of The Human Stain in that respect. Swearing for swearing’s sake annoys me. It only makes you cool if you’re in junior high and think you’re a rebel. And even then it doesn’t make you cool, it makes you an idiot.

Stephen and I are one week away from hitting our First Wedding Anniversary. It seems crazy that it’s been a year and I’ve spent some time thinking about the days leading up to our wedding. I laughed to myself this morning thinking about my obsessive compulsive need to check the weather forecast for our wedding weekend literally every thirty minutes leading up to the big day. Having an iPhone is a blessing and a curse sometimes 🙂 I was thinking about how many incredible people were praying for that weekend to be great… it was amazing to have so many people speaking into our lives in such a positive way. I thought about my amazing bridesmaids who threw me an incredible bridal shower, who helped me with invitations and favors, who gave me advice and love throughout the planning process, who are the best friends a girl could ask for. Man, I miss being close to them. I was thinking about how I wasn’t nervous about marrying Stephen one bit before or on our wedding day- I was nervous the day of about the ceremony and things running smoothly, but never once did I get nervous about marrying Stephen. That was the easiest and best decision of my life. I was thinking about how extremely blessed we were by the people who came from all over to be there for our wedding– family & friends poured out their love to us in person and through cards and gifts. I was thinking about how this is the first of a lifetime of anniversaries for us and how each year we’ll be more in love and have more reasons to celebrate as our little family grows.

We’ll be going to my first Rockies game at Coors Field to celebrate our anniversary. There’s nothing I love more than experiencing life with Stephen by my side.

Really Exciting Upcoming Events:
April 18- Our Anniversary!
April 21-25- Mom is here to visit!
May 6-9- Gram and Grandpa Tom come to visit!

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