Thankful Thursdays

This week I am thankful for:

1. Visits from Dan and Mack

2. Oscars Parties with friends

3. Delicious Oscars-inspired food

"Mac n' Cheese Unchained"Calories don't count for Oscars parties?
“Mac n’ Cheese Unchained”
Calories don’t count for Oscars parties?

4. Being only 8 new recipes away from my goal of 30 before 30

5. Our first NatureBox shipping can’t wait to try it!

6. Celebrating the birthdays of two of my favorite people: my nephew Jack and my sister Nikki

7. Not falling and dying on black ice in parking lots

8. Kid-sized drinks at Starbucks they’re the perfect size for me

9. Getting to have Benihana with Kevin & Kellyn and seeing their cute newish apartment

10. Benihana ginger sauce. It’s so amazing.

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