Thankful Thursdays

This week I am thankful for:

1. Getting to have dinner with Brian and Rachel and catch up

2. Rachel’s delicious cooking

3. Running on my trail again after months of treadmill running

4. Not dying while running in 36 degree weather with 30 mph gusts in a t-shirt

5. Seeing a big coyote on my run- I love the amount of wild animals I see here in Colorado

6. Buying our Rockies season tickets (15 games) thanks to Dad, Gram and Grandpa

7. Finally having some spring-like weather

8. My husband re-launching his blog. He is seriously hilarious and I love his writing style. Check it out at

9. The fact that Stephen is using a picture that I took as his header image for his blog- this seriously makes me so happy and proud! He is such a huge encouragement to me.

10. Completing my first race! It was a virtual 5k “with” my sisters (we could all participate from 3 different states). The Pi Day 5.0559k, commemorating 3.14!

Kicking butt in California, Nevada and Colorado, respectively.
Kicking butt in California, Nevada and Colorado, respectively.

Did I mention that my sisters have awesome blogs too? Check them out:



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