Two Weeks of Thankful

Over the last two weeks I have been thankful for:

1. The fact that it is June and that means that I get to see my family THIS month!

2. Making a brew with the boys all-American style: country music, drinking (beer for boys & root beer for me) while brewing, bunnies running around and delicious steak, potatoes and zucchini to end the night

All-American beer brewing
All-American beer brewing

3. The Rockies beating the Dodgers- super fun game!

4. Shorter work days, allowing me extra time to blog, watch West Wing and most importantly, spend more time with my wonderful husband

5. A husband who provides for and supports our little family without complaint especially when I’m making significantly less money

6. Stephen’s employees making sure my coffee is delicious and in a cute little cup when I’m loitering at his store

It's so cute.
It’s so cute.

7. Some really beautiful days to enjoy being outside

8. Getting to meet up with Brittany in Colorado Springs for lunch while down there Father’s Day shopping

Lunch with Brittany
Lunch with Brittany

9. Getting to enjoy another of my husband’s brilliant blogs

10. Going to our first Crossfit competition to cheer on our friend Chris

11. Getting to spend a beautiful Sunday with Brian, Rachel and Chris

12. Trying our hand at a couple new brews: a stout and hard cider

Brewing with Brian, Rachel & Chris
Brewing with Brian, Rachel & Chris

13. Despite being bummed that we had a softball bye week, enjoying a relaxing night with my husband watching the Voice live, for once.

14. Beautiful Colorado clouds

15. Having enough space in our house to offer shelter to friends who might need to evacuate due to current fires

16. The firefighters out there risking their lives to fight these fires

17. Businesses, churches, etc. opening their doors as evacuation shelters

18. No fire fatalities that we know of so far

19. Temperatures are cooling a little bit, which will hopefully help the containment efforts

20. Prayers from around the country for our poor state

Pray for Colorado

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