Thankful Thursday

So remember that time 10 days ago that I said I was going to restart Thankful Thursdays two days later? No? Good.

While we’re selectively remembering things, please forget that today is Friday. Pretend today is Thursday.

Now that we’re in our own little happy blog fantasy land…

Since I last wrote, I have been thankful for:

1. Getting some fun new camera equipment from my dad for my birthday & Christmas

2. Having handsome photo subjects to test my new lens on


3. Getting to celebrate our friends’ engagement with them

4. The Broncos losing to the Colts- I know, not a popular opinion amongst the people here but it will definitely take some pressure off of the Super Bowl party we attend this year.

5. Getting to spend Sundays with both of my boys

6.  A few good runs

7. A few good meals

8. Getting my incredible, beautiful, wonderful, gigantic canvas prints in the mail that Stephen ordered me for Christmas. I love them so much it’s probably unhealthy.

9. Spending the last couple days reminiscing on the birth of our son. With his first birthday coming up tomorrow, I am getting all emotional and nostalgic about being pregnant and his birth and how perfect he was that day and how perfect he is now. Being a mom is the best.

10. The fact that Jonathan and I are going to be leaving in like an hour to pick up my dad from the airport!

First birthday pictures to come!

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