Our First House!

A week ago, Stephen and I got to do something that we have wanted to do for years. We closed on our first home.

Taken in the parking lot, at the title company

We first began looking at homes back at the end of September. We met with our Realtor, Rae, and then hit the market running, seeing our first three homes the very next day. In total we toured 16 homes during this process, if my count is correct. Of those, we either put in an offer or wanted to offer (but weren’t fast enough) on 5 of them.

Things moved pretty fast and furious for our house. Rae texted us at around 9am saying that the house had dropped in price into our range. We decided that we wanted to see it, and because it was going to snow that afternoon, Stephen would meet us there on his lunch break. I went straight to the house from BSF and we saw it at 12:30. We decided that we wanted to put in an offer, and we gave them a deadline of 8pm to accept it. This was a little trick we learned from getting beat out on two homes because we didn’t get a chance to get an offer in before the other offers they received expired. Our offer was accepted around 7pm. And just like that, we were under contract.

One of my favorite things about the house, and something that I noticed right away when we came to see it was the house number. I don’t believe in numerology or anything like that, but I do notice patterns with numbers. It’s just how my brain has always worked.  So when I saw this:

A peek at our awesome front porch chandelier, too!

I instantly saw 5/27 and 6/27. Which are my brother and my mom’s birthdays, respectively. I considered that to be “good juju” for the house.

Once we get everything up on the walls, I may do a little blog home tour or something. But for now, here’s our lovely little home yesterday as the sun set.


Here’s to new adventures in our very own home!

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