Abigail – One Month

Our little girl is already a month old, and I can’t believe how quickly that time has gone by! We had my family in town for the first two weeks, so we’ve been doing the family-of-four solo life for two weeks now. I’m adjusting to being home with two kiddos with very different needs slowly, but surely. Abigail physically needs me all day to eat and cuddle, so I’m trying to balance that with Jonathan’s emotional needs, as well as trying to engage him in educational pursuits and convince him that sweets are not the only thing he should eat. He’s very displeased with my stance on the food issue and is regularly trying to bargain his way to some more fruit snacks.

In celebration of this milestone, here are some photos that I took of Abigail on her one month “birthday.”




I also took a few nursery detail photos for those of you who aren’t close by. We wanted her nursery to be feminine without being Barbie-esque. I’m not a girly girl by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love flowers so a floral theme seemed to fit the bill well. I love the sheets we chose for her because they’re poppies (the state flower of California, where I grew up) and tulips (my favorite flower).



I’m still completely obsessed with the floral letter that Rebekah and I made for above her crib. It’s exactly what I wanted and it was so fun to get to shop and make it together. Rebekah also spray painted that changing table for me, which I scored for $10 at a garage sale. In case you want details, I’ve linked to some of the items seen here below:

Psalm 139:14 Framed Art | Psalm 4:7 Wall Art | Crib Sheet | Changing Pad Cover | Quilt on Chair | Crib | Hanging Mum Balls: Coral Navy White

Another detail that I love is the dried rose on the top of the Psalm 4:7 wall art. It’s from my Uncle Gary’s celebration of life in April. My Aunt Laura sent it home with me from one of the beautiful bouquets that they were given. I wanted to be sure to do something special with it, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do. When I was setting up her nursery, I placed it there to keep it safe, but then really loved how it looked. I think of him every time I come into her room now, which I love.



I’m trying to do an open closet for her room, but I’m still working out the details. I love how cute her little clothes are- they’re basically decoration! The top shelf of diaper/wipe storage needs to be prettier (or covered), but I haven’t quite figured out how yet. I love all the different storage containers on the shelves. I think I’ll get a couple more wire baskets for the bottom shelf. I had to get that little white drawer set to organize all of the headbands she already has and it doesn’t even fit all of them! There’s a full bag with bows of every color on top of it. I’m not planning to keep the dresser in her room – I want to put a grey bookshelf there once I buy one that will be shorter so someone sitting in the rocker can reach the lamp.

Product links: Wire Baskets (Here and on changing table) | Rifle Paper Co x Keds Shoes | Grey Storage Cubes | Lamp | White Basket was a gift | White Storage Drawers | Round Wire Basket from Hobby Lobby {no link available}

Today after her checkup, we did another quick photo shoot with her updated stats:



The doctor was very impressed that she put on a whole pound in two weeks since her last appointment and that she had excellent head & neck control. She said she could hold her head as well as a 2-month old! We are so thankful for a healthy baby!

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