Six Months

Six months. One half of a year. As I sit here, watching our six month old son happily entertain himself in his exersaucer, I can’t believe that half of his first year of life has passed. He’s grown and changed so much during the last 181 days. He gets more handsome every day. Okay, I […]

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Five Months

Our dear friends Brandon and Kelsey Gossett told us when I was pregnant that parenthood exceeds your expectations. You know you’re going to love it and you think you know how awesome it is going to be, but when the time comes, it is better than you could have imagined. That is completely true. Being […]

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Two Weeks

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around but Jonathan is two weeks old today. Time since we were admitted to the hospital on Thursday the 16th has been really strange. It’s moving quickly and slowly at the same time, leaving me unsure of what day it is, let alone what date it is. […]

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