Pregnancy Side-by-Side

Well, we’re starting to hit the home stretch of this pregnancy, which has me pretty excited. As much as I love being pregnant, the anticipation of seeing our daughter’s beautiful face finally is really starting to hit. Is she going to look like Stephen? Me? Jonathan (so also Stephen)? What color is her hair? What […]

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Pregnancy Favorites (So Far)

Okay guys, there are two things that you need to realize about me before reading this: I’m fashion-challenged when not pregnant, and being pregnant has not helped that at all. If you’re looking for a list of must-have outfits or pregnancy hacks to stay trendy, you’re not going to find them here. I’ve been blessed […]

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February Favorites

1: Comfiest Shirt Ever from Old Navy: My mom bought me three of these shirts for Christmas, and I literally want to only wear these shirts every day. They’re super soft with some stretch, which has made them perfect as a transition shirt while my baby bump is coming in. They’re lightweight, so they’ll be […]

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Baby Rabon #2!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw this handsome face telling the world that he’s going to be a big brother! We couldn’t be more thrilled with this incredible miracle that God is doing in our lives. We’ve had a rough road to being parents. It took some heartbreak, resilience and […]

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Our Journey to Parenthood

This blog was written by me for cord, an online community dedicated to connecting women through stories of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and more. It can be found in that original format here. Cord seeks to unite women from all walks of life and locations through the shared experience of motherhood, so please check out their site and possibly share your […]

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37 Weeks

  How far along? 37 Weeks Maternity clothes? Yep, I wear those. Still hanging on to a few non-maternity shirts that are long enough. I’m trying to get away with not buying anything else. Stretch marks? I’ve got a few. Not too bad, though. Sleep: I’d like to do that all day. But, when I am sleeping, which is […]

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34 Weeks

      How far along? 34 weeks Maternity clothes? Still wearing some of my non-maternity shirts, though I am warned against stretching out my clothes. Sleep: I sleep really well and don’t have trouble going to sleep. Apparently I’ve started snoring though 😦 My poor husband. Best moment this week:  Spending the weekend in Victorville with Dad’s […]

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