February Favorites


1: Comfiest Shirt Ever from Old Navy: My mom bought me three of these shirts for Christmas, and I literally want to only wear these shirts every day. They’re super soft with some stretch, which has made them perfect as a transition shirt while my baby bump is coming in. They’re lightweight, so they’ll be perfect for the transition from winter to spring, too. But don’t just think of them as a maternity shirt (they’re actually NOT!). They are a little longer in the front and back, with a cute little rise on either side, so they’re kind of tunic-ish. I love shirts that are a bit longer, especially in the back, cause then I don’t have to worry about anything showing while I’m down on the floor playing with my kid or the kiddos I teach at BSF each week. Act quickly, it looks like they’re on clearance right now so you’ll get a great deal!

2: Alphabots from Lakeshore: My mom has been teaching preschool for years, so she’s got a finger on the pulse of all the cool educational toys. She got Jonathan the Numberbots for Christmas and then the Alphabots for his birthday in January. He loves them. They’re great for practicing letter recognition, but they’re also just fun to transform into robots. Jonathan is a big fan of the Transformers, so these are a perfect way to combine that interest with some learning. They go many places with us, like Chipotle, so he’s learning while playing on the go! They’re also colorful, so we talk about colors too.

3: AirPods: My sweet son… he thinks that if I have headphones on – listening to music or my weekly BSF lecture or catching up on a church sermon – that it is an invitation to narrate his life to me. Loudly. He’ll be perfectly content playing or watching a show, but the second I put in headphones, I need to know exactly what Iron Man and the gang are up to at that second, and every one thereafter, for as long as I have headphones in. So, my amazing husband got me Apple AirPods for Valentines Day. I can wear them and wirelessly do things and Jonathan has no idea that I have them in unless he saw me do it. Add to that my long hair and I can listen to things in peace, and he continues playing without interruption. It’s basically the best.

4: Marvel Cookie Cutters: I couldn’t pass these up. Jonathan and I went to Williams-Sonoma to buy a bridal shower gift for Victoria and the second I saw these, I knew we needed them. Jonathan loves our Star Wars cookie cutters that have the same stamping action (also from W-S), so getting ones that play into his undying love of all superheroes was a no-brainer. We haven’t used them yet, but we’re both really excited to do so!

5: Maternity Jeans by Isabel Maternity for Target:  I started showing earlier this time around, which I hear is pretty common for your second kiddo. I also lost a bunch of weight right before getting pregnant so all of my jeans are too big now. I had to go down 2 pant sizes to get jeans to fit everywhere else, but then the waist would be just a tad uncomfortable with my growing belly. Enter these side panel maternity jeans. They have a little stretch panel just above where the front pockets would be on each side, giving my belly that little bit of extra wiggle room but giving my legs/butt a good fit. They’ll be a great transition pant until I get big enough to need a more full panel version. The only thing I don’t like about them is that the front pockets are fake, but I kind of get why with the stretch panels there, so no points deducted.

What are some things you loved this month that I should try?

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