Five Things Friday

Hey! It’s Friiiiiiiiiday! I’m trying to get better about blogging consistently, and here we are at the end of another week, so I thought I’d share a quick update with you guys about life, etc. lately.


1. Last weekend were Matt & Victoria’s bachelor/bachelorette parties, which means we are getting so close to their wedding! Stephen and the guys headed off to Kentucky to go rock climbing in the middle of nowhere and I went up into Denver to celebrate with the bride and her entourage. Now, keep in mind that I’m not only old and boring but also pregnant, so partying is not really my jam. BUT, this was kind of the perfect party for me to go to because it wasn’t a classic bar-hopping/club-dancing/I-dont-know-what-the-kids-do-these-days party. We did a little gift giving at the hotel and then had a nice dinner together. We returned to the hotel afterward and some people stayed the night, while I returned to Castle Pines to pick up a boy who had fallen asleep standing up at Grandma & Grandpa’s house from too much fun hiking and playing.  Victoria had to go and make me cry by talking about each of the ladies in attendance and how we met/favorite memories, but other than that it was all smiles all night.
Just two short weeks until the Rabon wives trifecta will be complete!


2. Speaking of the extreme partying ways of the Rabons, tonight we’re headed to Mike and Marcie’s to watch the new Crossfit documentary, “The Redeemed and the Dominant: The Fittest on Earth.” It’ll be us, Mike, Marcie, Dan & Joanna. So basically ALL Rabons party hard on Friday nights 😉 We watch the new one every year that covers the Crossfit Games from the year before, so it’s basically tradition now.


3. What are you doing for Easter? If you’re local to Denver, feel free to join us at our church, Lifegate. All the info is included in the photo below, which I stole from the instagram of another woman who attends our church. Everything she posts is beautiful and I knew I’d never take such a lovely photo:

We’re planning to be at the 9:00 service, so come join us!

4. Baby Girl is just cookin’ away – we will get to see her again April 10 because she wouldn’t give the ultrasound technician a good shot of her aortic arch during the 20 week ultrasound. They don’t think anything is wrong, but want to have a definitive photo to show that all is well. I’m not sad that we get another ultrasound, though! She’s been kicking up a storm and both Stephen and Jonathan have gotten to feel her kick. I’ve even been able to see the kicks from the outside a few times, which is SO fun. I feel so incredibly blessed to get to experience pregnancy a second time.

5. My favorite playlist on Spotify right now is this one: Hymns Old and New. It’s got a great collection of songs, but I also just love playing hymns in our home a little bit almost every day and Jonathan being exposed to them. I’ll listen to it while doing my BSF homework often times, or just while we’re hanging out. It’s perfect for No-Screen Sundays (maybe I’ll write about this soon, as we’ve only just begun it). Plus I love that there are two Christmas songs on it and I don’t care who thinks it’s the wrong season. Joy to the World and Hark the Herald Angels Sing are ALWAYS beautiful and appropriate. Ask my BSF class from last year, we sang Joy to the World year round and I was pumped every single time!

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