First Post

So I decided yesterday to create a blog to track a few things in my life:

the wedding planning process and my attempt to be in shape.
I suspect it will slowly become more than that as I have a tendency toward endless rambling, but it’s a starting point.
I feel that we’ve made great strides in wedding planning in the two months (as of today) that we’ve been engaged. The next post will be a timeline and picture post of what we have accomplished/decided/received. I hope that by blogging I will be able to keep all of our loved ones in the know as well as get some ideas or input from people. Plus it will be fun to look back on later 🙂
The getting in shape thing… well that’s a little trickier. I’m lazy by nature. I’m not one of those people who just loves to work out and has no motivation problems. I have LOTS of motivation problems. I get easily distracted and easily discouraged. If I have a better offer (such as spending time with Stephen or my family or friends), the work out is cancelled. I started running earlier this year. It was the end of March and then on April 10 (I believe, it was Good Friday) I tried out my cool Nike+ Ipod sensor. It was love… well puppy love. The fleeting kind. I like a good toy. I ran fairly diligently through July 24. And then I stopped. I can’t recall why exactly (I took a week off once because my knees hurt, but that was earlier) but it just ended. The first week I no doubt made excuses (my knees hurt, I’m tired, allergies, it’s too hot, etc.), but it quickly turned into quitting. And it was easy for me to do. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit (or something like that) but that sure didn’t work for me.
I’m disappointed in myself to know how I might have actually been somewhat good at this thing if I hadn’t taken a 3 month hiatus. I might actually be able to run the whole distance (I trade off walking and running). I might have been ready for a 5k. But alas, I did take the hiatus and now, I’m trying to bring running back into my life.
I ran for the first time since July 24 yesterday. I tried to the day before but was having a wardrobe malfunction so I walked instead. Note to self: make sure pants have a drawstring before purchasing. It wasn’t my best time and I certainly couldn’t go as far as I once could, but it’s a start…right? Stephen is amazing and encourages me so much- he even puts stars on my calendar the days that I run. I’m so lucky to have him. And lucky he loves me even though I’m lazy and whine about my sore legs the next day.
Here’s to a new start!
This will appear on the bottom of most posts…or at least the running ones- I have yet to decide.
Total distance run/walked since I restarted: 4.25 miles
Total since April 10: 98.54 miles

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