Special Moments

The CEO of the school that I work for writes a daily devotional that he sends out to the parents and staff. He always writes about things going on in the lives of his family and friends and relates them to a lesson or scripture. Here is what he wrote the day after our wedding […]

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Married Life

Photo by Charlotte of Charlotte Geary Photography According to my Facebook, we’ve been married now for 3 weeks, 3 days. And let me tell you, married life is awesome!! I know they say that this is the “honeymoon phase” and that we’ll grow out of it, but I sure hope not! I just love being […]

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We’re Married!!!

Photo by Charlotte of Charlotte Geary Photography After 8 months of planning and waiting, I’m finally married to my favorite person in the whole world!! 🙂 The day was amazing and perfect in almost every way. The little things that didn’t go as planned just rolled off my back and I enjoyed everything. It was […]

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Three weeks to go!

We’re three weeks away from being Mr. and Mrs. Rabon! I can’t wait! Big changes since the last time I wrote: Stephen and I have secured our first apartment! We’ll be moving into Sandpiper Village here in Vacaville on April 1. Well, Stephen will move in and we’ll be moving over all of the amazing […]

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Flirting with the OR/WA border…

Just a little map to show my progress in the “Run Across America” challenge. I’m not 100% sure it’s the exact route used originally, but close enough? I’ve gone 224.6 miles and am now in/around Roosevelt, WA (which there are apparently two of, by the way, this is the one in Klickitat County). I’m just […]

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February already and I couldn’t be more excited. 75 days until we get married 🙂 We’re headed up to Tahoe this weekend to finalize plans with the florist and meet with the bakery. We’ve secured the dj, so after this weekend all of the big stuff is booked. That’s a nice weight off. We’ve been […]

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