February already and I couldn’t be more excited. 75 days until we get married 🙂

We’re headed up to Tahoe this weekend to finalize plans with the florist and meet with the bakery. We’ve secured the dj, so after this weekend all of the big stuff is booked. That’s a nice weight off. We’ve been getting a somewhat steady stream of response cards since we sent the invitations out. We’ve got 49 wedding guests confirmed so far 🙂 We have received some “regrets,” but that’s totally understandable. I’m just happy that the people who are coming are coming.

Stephen has Valentine’s Day off 🙂 Not sure what we’ll do, but it sounds lovely to have the day together.

Stephen and I are going to Colorado the last weekend in February to visit his family. I’m very excited. I haven’t seen them since we got engaged, so it’s been long overdue. It’ll be a quick turn around, but should be a nice visit.

Running Update:
Since 4.10.09: 218.10 miles 🙂

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