Today was a big day run-wise. I was really annoyed that the rain was going to literally rain on my parade, but thankfully there was a break in the storm for Stephen and I to get a run in. We ran 4.64 miles- just over the amount needed to push me past 200 miles 🙂 My legs hate me, but I was not going to let a week of rain keep me from my short term goal. Take that, nature. You can’t stop me when I get my mind set to it. I’m so lucky to have Stephen there to celebrate with afterward and to continually keep me going. Plus he’s really handsome when he runs 🙂

Since 4.10.09: 200.03 miles
Since 10.20.09: 105.54 miles

We went up to Tahoe yesterday and stopped by the bakery we’re planning to use and met with the DJ we’re going to book. We have an appointment to meet with the baker February 6th and will hopefully meet with the florist that day as well. The DJ is awesome- very knowledgeable, honest, and British. His accent is awesome and he already knows about the Vitamin String Quartet- he has like a dozen of their songs on his computer already. Based on his Facebook pictures, it really looks like he throws a good party. Looks like we’re pretty set on the big things.

We mailed out our invitations on Friday, so local people have already received them and everyone else should be getting them in the next couple days! I’m excited to start getting responses back.

Stephen and I are getting married 3 months from today 🙂 90 short (hopefully) days until I get to be Mrs. Rabon. I’m getting really excited about getting to see family that I haven’t seen in a while and spending time with close friends. It’s going to be awesome. And a week in Hawaii with Stephen… I can’t wait.

Book Club went on a field trip to Borders today and picked our next book: Julie and Julia. I’ve already read about half of it. There are definitely some differences from the movie, but I’m enjoying it. I’m also looking forward to our next meeting- we always talk about way more than just the books and there’s Del Taco involved usually. To quote Ina Garten, “How bad could that be?”

One thought on “Booyah!

  1. So proud of you for reaching 200 miles- and for a crazy long run!! Awesome job!!I'm enjoying the book as well- and can't wait for our next book club meeting.

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