Flirting with the OR/WA border…

Just a little map to show my progress in the “Run Across America” challenge. I’m not 100% sure it’s the exact route used originally, but close enough? I’ve gone 224.6 miles and am now in/around Roosevelt, WA (which there are apparently two of, by the way, this is the one in Klickitat County). I’m just about halfway across Washington/Oregon and will cross over into Idaho next. It’ll be a long way to Idaho, but it’ll be really exciting to hit a new state. Less than 400 miles (finally) until I hit Nike Level Blue. Green is a huge level (I think it’s like 470 miles? ) but I’m chugging right along.

Stephen and I went up to Tahoe on Saturday and booked the bakery and semi-finalized plans with the florist. She’s going to send me the estimate and if needed, we can change things. But she’s got the basic idea. It was really nice. There was a light snow fall and all of our vendors are super nice. And they all have deposits paid so that’s a big load off our shoulders.

While we were up there, we also saw some adorable mountain houses… of death!! Check out these ridiculous icicles!!

One thought on “Flirting with the OR/WA border…

  1. You and your icicles of death. I have a picture of you wielding an icicle outside of Del Taco on the way home from dads. Maybe you're secretly an icicle serial killer. 🙂

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