It’s a love story, baby just say yes…

So I have gone out walking/running 6 of the last 10 days and am feeling really good about it. I am making some progress in being able to run more. Between Sunday’s run and Tuesday’s run I shaved a whole minute off my mile time by running just a little bit more on each lap. It was really amazing and uplifting. Today’s run wasn’t quite so good but better than Sunday’s. It’s the little progressions that help make this more fun to do. Tuesday was also the first time that I let Stephen come with me. He didn’t run with me, but he was there. I had been too embarrassed and self-concious to let him see me out there doing something that I’m not particularly good at. Plus, considering he has run competitively in the past, trying to run in front of or with him was daunting for me. But, it’s a start, right? It meant a lot to have him there and to work on getting over some of my insecurities. He’s been supportive the entire time and I am so lucky to have a fiance who cares so much. He’s awesome. And it was so nice to run up to him on the basketball court and have that warm hug to collapse into.

So, my new totals are:
Since Restart: 12.48 miles
Since April: 106.80

Wedding Notes:

-Engagement pictures are a week from Saturday. I’m praying that global warming will hit Colorado so I don’t die of hypothermia.
-I neglected to mention in my last wedding post that I have made an alterations appointment for January 9th. Yay more progress.
– My shoes are scheduled to arrive next week!!

I purchased an iPhone on Tuesday night with the help of Stephen and Mike. It’s pretty much the coolest toy ever!! It also gives me the ability to track my fantasy football team on the go (like I need that…) and I love that. Sundays are saved!! I can do other things and still obsess about my team!!

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