Quick Update

Writing this on my phone so I am going to keep it brief.

My shoes for the wedding came today and they are even better than I thought they would be. I love them so much! Pictures will be forthcoming when I have a bit more time.

New running totals:
Since Restart: 20.85 miles
Since April: 115.20 miles

Taking the next four days off for the trip to Colorado. When I return, I will probably have to join a gym so that I can continue to run over the winter months when darkness and bad weather get in the way of my plans. I’d much rather run outside than on a treadmill, but considering there is only 30 minutes on either side of work that is light out, I’ll probably have to cave.

One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Have a great time in Colorado, I cannot wait to see your beautiful engagement pictures!! Don't worry, I'm praying for it to suddenly become 80 degrees there tomorrow..

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