The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name It’s beautiful, wonderful, don’t you ever change

After taking off Thursday-Monday from running (in part because I was in Colorado Fri-Sun), I wasn’t sure how today’s run was going to go. It was pretty chilly when I left work and rather overcast, so I wasn’t really feeling like it was going to go that well. However, once I started going, it actually felt like it was coming naturally to me. For the first time. I had some good runs in the past, but it never felt like this before. It was really amazing to feel like I actually knew what I was doing! I’m sure that it may not always feel that way and that I’ll have some runs that aren’t as great, but tonight, I felt like a runner. Running for Mortals really stresses the point that no matter what your body is shaped like (thin, muscular, and sleek like the runners in the Olympics or slow with more to love like us mortals) or what your time/distance is- if you’re out there doing it, you’re a runner. And today I really felt like it. I felt like little old me with my love handles and all was actually an athlete. I’m telling you, that book is a great read! I’ve read it twice and both times I felt like I gained a lot. So, without further ado, a picture of my iPod that I took while at a stop light showing the fruit of my labor:

I finally broke the 12 minute average mile time mark!!
I’m really proud and I was so pumped afterward. 🙂

My new totals are:
Since Oct 20: 22.94 miles
Since April 10: 117.29 miles

Our trip to Colorado was really great. Super quick turn around so it was slightly exhausting, but Brandon was an excellent host, I got to meet some of Stephen’s fantasy football friends, and, of course, we took our engagement pictures! Charlotte is just awesome. We had such a great time and minus my brief fall down the mountain (haha), everything was really fun! Plus Charlotte said that we should be able to view our portraits tomorrow, so I’m pretty much dying to see them! Having worked with Charlotte for this affirmed our decision that she is definitely the photographer for us. She’s super sweet, fun, easy going, not afraid to get dirty and very very talented! I’m looking forward to having her take our wedding pictures in April even more now.

Once I get a link to our online gallery, I’ll be sure to post it here and on Facebook so that all parties involved can see them!!

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