Exciting Stuff

Exciting things have been happening on both of the major fronts that I write about:


-We got our amazing engagement pictures in! Oh, they are so great and I love them so much! They can be seen here: Charlotte Geary Online Gallery
-I tried on my dress with my slip and shoes and it was great. It had been so long since I’d had it on that it was like having that “oh wow” moment all over again. Plus, I remembered the earrings that I borrowed from Gram for prom and tried them on with the dress, so assuming that I don’t find anything else that I simply must have, I have earrings.
-We’ve picked out some Save the Dates, so once we get the high-res files from Charlotte of the two pictures to go on them, we’ll be able to order them and send them out.
-We have an officiant!! Mitch Ady called last night and said that he would marry us! We’re both very excited about this and now we just need to set up our premarital counseling and we’ll be set to go on that front.
-Sandi and Jen Mumaw both ordered their dresses in the last week, so I’m very excited about that. I can’t wait to see Jen’s in person and Sandi’s is awesome. We had a lot of fun in Roseville picking it out and getting Mom and I some shoes 🙂 I’m beginning to think that the “getaway” dress will be a honeymoon dress. We’re literally going to be driving down the street to our hotel, is it really worth changing for a 5 minute drive? Plus, I can always send my dress back down to Vacaville with Mom or someone the next day. No big deal.
– We booked our flights to and from Hawaii for our honeymoon! We also rented a convertible Mustang to cruise the island in! It’s going to be so much fun. We’ll be living large for a week and I couldn’t be more excited.

Since the last update, I hit a new low for average pace: 11:38/mi. I hit it yesterday. The crazy thing was that I didn’t feel like I was doing that well (I think the cold weather and wind makes me feel like I’m going slower) but when I ran up to Stephen and looked at my iPod, there it was.

-I’m about 31 miles away from reaching Nike Level Green, which means that I will soon have passed through the first two levels (yellow and orange).
– I finished my goal of 5 runs under 12:20 in a month. It only took me 11 days. I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it, or would cut it very close, but I continue to do better than I think I can. That’s refreshing.
– On the Run Across America challenge, I have just entered Mount Pleasant, Washington. 🙂

New Totals:
Since October 20: 29.27 miles
Since April 10: 123.62 miles

I recently finished the second novel that my friend Nikki wrote and now have in my possession her first. I’m quite excited to read it!

I’m so excited about the Holidays this year… and I think that’s mainly because I know that next year will be the first set that Stephen and I are married!!

2 thoughts on “Exciting Stuff

  1. So many exciting things! I'm so proud of your running and how well you are doing on that front! You and Sandi are both doing such a great job with that Nike Challenge thing.I loved your engagement pictures and I can't wait to see which pictures you choose for your Save the Dates! I had a couple of personal favorites, but it was so hard to decide since they were all so beautiful!I hope you enjoy my first book, I haven't really enjoyed any of my other writing as much as I enjoyed the first one 🙂

  2. So excited for all of the above!!I concur with you about the "getaway/honeymoon" dress… if it's really only a 5 minute drive, it's not necessary. I think the only reason I had one was because we were taking off on our honeymoon immediately and not planning to see anyone to give my dress to. In your case, you don't *need* one (unless of course you find another amazing dress you just have to have). YAY for hitting Nike level green. I'm excited to see where your mini will be hanging. I wish this were like Wii and your mini and my mini could hang out.

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