It’s December already…

New totals:

Since October 20: 50.31 miles
Since April 10: 144.72

I’m currently 10 miles away from Nike Level Green, which I’m pretty excited about. Today’s run was a comedy of errors. First, it’s only like 40 degrees outside. It was really, really cold. Stephen loves me and bought me a beanie and mittens (not gloves so I can wear my engagement ring comfortably) so that helped out a lot! Then I’m running and my keys fall out of my pocket. Problem is that I didn’t notice until a while down the trail so then I had to go back looking for it. This really slowed me down because I didn’t want to run past it. So I find them and get going. It’s really starting to get dark and I’m thinking that my current lap would be my last. I get to where I have about half a lap to go and the iPod dies. Just turns off. I stop, check it, and sure enough, no battery power. So I finish the run (roughly .25 miles) without music and without it being recorded. I was rather frustrated by then, mainly because I wasn’t sure any of it would save since I didn’t get to close out the workout. Luckily, when I got home, everything before my iPod died was stored. Funny thing is, my iPod had almost full battery when I started. Better luck tomorrow, I hope.

Yesterday we had almost the entire fantasy football league over to celebrate week 13- the end of the regular season. It was lots of fun and lots of food. Between my family birthday party on Saturday and the Fantasy Football party on Sunday, I feel like I put on like 10 pounds. But it was soooo good. I love being able to have my closest friends and family all together in one spot having fun and enjoying each other’s company. It just feels right.

Stephen and I went to our first premarital counseling meeting with Pastor Ben on Wednesday. It was nice- sort of a get to know you type meeting. He was pleased with how well-read we are on marriage and relationships as well as where we are financially and future-planning wise. I look forward to meeting with him again come February.

Two days until I turn 25- crazy how different life has become in the last year- but definitely in a good way!

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