Green at last, green at last, thank God Almighty, I am green at last :)

In case the title didn’t give it away, I finally reached Nike Level Green!! The last 15 miles seemed to drag out forever (and having to take 3-day breaks because of the rain didn’t help) but I have finally reached 155 miles on my NikePlus shoes/sensor. I was so excited and love the new Mini background!

Only 462 miles until I reach Nike Level Blue! Crazy to think about but I’m running so often now that I’m sure it will come sooner than I’d have thought a long time back. I’m trying to do two days on and one day off, but sometimes life gets in the way (mainly because of my work schedule and the sun going down not being compatible right now). I’ve run Monday-Thursday this week to make sure I got in those last few miles to green and to allow for a night off with friends tomorrow night. Stephen, Sandi, Chris and BWW? Heck yes!

Since October 20: 64.91 miles
Since April 10: 159.32 miles (not bad for taking July 24- October 20 off…)

Christmas is a week from tomorrow, which is crazy! December has just flown by and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to take it all in. My birthday (which was only a week ago as of yesterday) feels like it was a month ago. Work has been busy with the 3rd graders choosing their instruments this week and Christmas programs in Early Education. Looking forward to 3 day work weeks the next two weeks πŸ™‚

I’ve been reading “The Year of Living Biblically” by A.J. Jacobs. It’s pretty funny. I really like the outsider looking in perspective. I really enjoyed “The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at Liberty” by Kevin Roose so I am excited to see how this one ends and how the experience and immersion in the Bible changes Mr. Jacobs.

Stephen and I will celebrate three wonderful years together two weeks from tomorrow. He’s so incredible and I am so lucky to have him. He gives me more reasons every single day to love him and be thankful for him. We’ve been counting down the days to our wedding by reading the Psalms backwards from 150. It’s so awesome having that time together as he tucks me in for the night and he reads them to me. We read those and the daily Proverb. It’s so wonderful to have a man like Stephen as my future husband πŸ™‚

Speaking of which, I’ve been trying on the new last name a bit lately. As in (to Sandi) “Is it just the Adys and Rabons going to BWW or are the Glasses coming too?” I rather like it πŸ™‚ Plus it’s like a million times easier than “Is it just the Adys and Padilla/Rabon faction going to BWW…” I can’t wait until it’s official. (Then I can change my blog title to “Quote the Rabon” officially too!)

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