Family Milestones

Since we’ve been married, our family has had so many big things happen.

In May, both of Stephen’s brothers celebrated huge accomplishments. Dan graduated from Colorado State University, Fort Collins with his bachelor’s degree and a job all lined up with a company that he interned for last year. Matthew graduated from Rock Canyon High School and has been accepted to Vanderbilt University to start this fall. Stephen was able to fly home and spend some time with the whole family to celebrate both of these big events.

Last weekend, Mom and I were able to attend my baby cousin’s graduation party in Victorville. Joey graduates this Friday from Victor Valley Christian School. Here are a few pictures from the trip (taken by my Aunt Susan- unfortunately Joey isn’t in either)

Speaking of milestones… I can’t believe that my little cousin Gary has a baby! (See above pictured adorable baby, also named Gary) Which also means that both Tori (pictured, blue dress) and I are aunts. How weird is that? It seems like just yesterday that all of us cousins would spend every summer in Nana and Papa’s pool…convincing Papa that we needed to go Elking… living off samples at Costco…

More changes and milestones are coming soon but we’re blessed to have been able to spend these precious visits with our families.

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