Summer is drawing to a close…

And I’m not sure that I’m ready for it. We’ve been back in school for about a month now and the weather is starting to change. It only got to be like 72 degrees today and the high is 64 for tomorrow. I like that it’s not 90+ but if it’s going to drop off that quickly, I’m not sure I want it. It’s rainy and dreary and even though every one in the world seems to like Fall, I’d like to hang on to Summer for a bit longer. Although, salted caramel hot chocolate is back at Starbucks so at least if it has to be Fall I can drink myself into a salted caramel coma and sleep through it.

The end of summer came with a great time with Sandi for me and a great time in Vegas for Stephen. I’m pretty sure that we didn’t stop talking for three days straight catching up on anything and everything that we haven’t talked about since February. It was great to sit down and eat lots of amazing food and go visit beautiful places and just hang out. The weekend passed too quickly but I’m grateful to have had the chance to have Epic Best Friend Reunion: Denver 2011. Here are some photos:

In Evergreen at Evergreen Lake

At Red Rocks

Red Rocks from the stage

At Daniel’s Park

While she was here, we spent one evening watching a chick flick and eating ice cream. We watched “Something Borrowed,” which is based on a best selling novel. I had heard it was cute, as had Sandi, so we figured we would give it a shot. After watching the movie, we both sat there completely unsure of what to think about it. If you have any intention of reading the book or watching the movie, I would consider not reading the rest of this paragraph as I am going to completely spoil the movie for you. Essentially, the story goes that Brunette Friend had crush on a guy in college. Being too nice for her own good, she ends up setting up her best friend (Blonde Friend) with him. Blonde Friend and Guy get engaged. Brunette Friend accidentally tells Guy that she had a crush on him and they end up hooking up. Then they fall in love, keep cheating on Blonde Friend and eventually Guy breaks it off with Blonde Friend for Brunette Friend. Only to find out Blonde Friend was cheating on Guy with Weird Guy. Meanwhile Childhood Guy-Friend confesses his love for Brunette Friend only to realize she is in love with Guy. In the end, Brunette Friend gets Guy and Blonde Friend and Weird Guy end up together. Childhood Guy-Friend ends up alone. (I didn’t like the movie enough to remember their character’s names). WHY is it that in our society a movie about screwing over your friends and cheating on your fiance and lying is considered good? Why is it considered cute as long as everyone ends up with who they wanted (no matter the cost)? What does that say about the social norms of our society? It is a sorry state of affairs. I know that I’m kind of a prude when it comes to most things but seriously- this is okay? I guess it shouldn’t surprise me when some of the richest and most popular people in our society only have notoriety for making a sex tape. But REALLY? Teenage girls are going to go see movies like this and think that’s okay. And parents already don’t spend enough time with their children so who is going to steer them in the right direction when they’re surrounded by such poor examples? And why is it that the ONE person in the movie who is honest with the person he loves the entire time, who doesn’t ruin his relationships due to an inability to resist his carnal desires and who only tries to support his friends ends up alone? It’s just dumb. And that is my rant about “Something Borrowed.”

Over the last weeks we’ve had lightning and thunder in the evenings. We were treated to an amazing show a few nights ago and I LOVED getting to watch it and I took some pictures and a three minute movie. Here are a few photos:

Something that was really cool yesterday was that we had no plans for Labor Day when the day started but between when Stephen got off work at 1:45 yesterday and around 3:30 we were able to set up a BBQ at our place and had 5 friends able to come. Brandon, Chris, Kevin, Brandon & Kelsey were all able to come and we had a good time watching Star Wars, talking about all kinds of things, sitting down by the fire pit and drinking Chris’ home-brewed beers. A good time was had by all.

We also had the last of our fantasy football drafts last night so we are set to go for the new season. I have 3 teams that should do well and I’m looking forward to getting together with the SuperMan/WonderWoman League group for games again this season. Guaranteed friend time every Sunday and Monday is always a blast.

My parents are coming to see us for Thanksgiving, which is great news! I was starting to really get bummed out that I wouldn’t see any of my family for Thanksgiving due to Stephen’s work schedule but we will get to spend it with family. I’m really looking forward to having our first Thanksgiving in our own place and hosting (but mostly pumping my mom for her recipes/strategies/knowledge). It’s a bummer that I won’t get to see the rest of my CA people anytime in the planned future, but I’m happy to see them. And hopefully our Rabon side will be here for Christmas so I can put all that stuff I learn from my Mom at Thanksgiving into practice and spend some quality time with them.

One thought on “Summer is drawing to a close…

  1. I'm forever late on this, but you hit the nail on the head with Something Borrowed. If nothing else, it made for good conversation after… I've told several people to avoid it. I had a fantastic time with you, and miss you like whoa đŸ™‚

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