One Year Colorado Anniversary

In commemoration of our first year in Colorado, I have made a list of things I’ve learned since living in Colorado.

– There is no such thing as a “typical” Colorado season. Every person that you talk to says it is “NEVER this *insert adjective here* (rainy, snowy, cold, hot, humid) this time of year!”

– Despite the fact that we are East of the Rockies like the label says, Best Foods is still Best Foods here, not Hellman’s.

– People in Colorado LOVE being from Colorado, moreso than any place I have been before. They even put these stickers on their stuff:

– I know now what a carabiner is.

– No matter what time of day it is, no matter what the weather is and no matter the danger to one’s self, there is ALWAYS someone working out outside in Colorado.

– No matter what time of day it is, no matter what the weather is and no matter the danger to one’s self, there is ALWAYS someone at the dog park by our house.

– Despite the fact that I always forget to check packages for high altitude cooking instructions, my food has not turned out badly. They generally range from something like 5000′-6500′ and we live at 6469’… what do you do if you’re even higher than us?

– Even though Brandon thought differently, no one (outside of friends) has talked crap to me when I wear my Raiders jersey.

– Driving in snow is not always completely terrifying but sometimes it definitely is.

– As I already knew, but it is constantly confirmed, my husband is the perfect person for me– he has helped me through all of the big changes of the past year and has made the move less difficult just by being himself.

– No matter how much time has passed, I still miss my family and friends constantly. It’s not homesickness and it’s not sad, but I definitely miss being able to see them at the drop of a hat.

– No matter how far away we are, my family and friends back home are still so important to me. There’s nothing like a decade plus of history with someone that is just so refreshing.

– Being a Young Guns softball wife is so much fun. I love getting to sit out there every week and support my amazing husband and get to know the girls better. I love our post-game Chili’s meals and spending time with the group.

– You do eventually get used to the altitude and don’t feel like you’re going to die every time you exercise.

– Coors Field is beautiful.

– There are some really great people here. We know some fantastic people.

– I am the only person over the age of 3 who has never skied or snowboarded.

– Deer, coyotes, rabbits and foxes just run around like they own the place. Which is pretty sweet.

– The Denver Aquarium has tigers. I don’t know why.

– It doesn’t have to be snowing for there to be a snow day. So far mine have all been sunny, there’s just snow on the roads.

– When it’s been -18, 5 degrees feels amazing.

– There is still so much more to explore here. 🙂

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