6 Years in Colorado

Six years ago today, we arrived at our home in Colorado. Married for not quite four months, Stephen and I were newlyweds embarking on a big adventure in a state with no family close by and for me, none of my closest friends. Over the last six years, we’ve grown and changed as individuals, a couple and a family. We’ve added a precious son. We’ve had every one of Stephen’s siblings live with us at some point along the way. We’ve gained a new sister. We’ve made or maintained great friendships. We’ve had a lot of visitors and seen some pretty beautiful things.

Five years ago, I wrote a blog about what I had learned since moving to Colorado. A lot of those things still hold true. I still haven’t skied or snowboarded. I still have no plans to do so. The Denver Aquarium still has tigers and I still don’t know why. People from Colorado still really love being from Colorado. Except now it annoys me because “natives” are constantly complaining about people who have moved here, especially from California, ruining their state. It’s obnoxious. I still miss my friends and family back home, and am acutely aware of all of the things that I miss out on. The older our children get, the more I feel like I am missing in their lives, which really sucks. But, I am still very grateful for the friendships that I have made here and their children that get to grow up with Jonathan. We’ve been very blessed.

Since moving to Colorado, we’ve had some pretty big life changes. Stephen left his job at Starbucks after 11 years to pursue a new career path at Engrain. I became a stay at home mom, then went back to work for a while, then returned to staying home. Now I’m working part-time from home for Engrain, which will soon be renamed Rabon as four of us now work there. I started my own photography business, a huge step out of my comfort zone. We bought our first new car together, our first “major” purchase since we got married. Stephen started CrossFit in Colorado, a decision that shapes our lives daily.

We’ve explored some of the state, but honestly probably not as much as we should have in six years.

I think I’m going to work on a “Colorado Bucket List” of things I want to do here in the state to work on over the next few years. Be on the lookout for a new tab on the top of this page. Though mine will probably be much different from most Coloradans as I have no intentions of hiking every 14er in the state. I haven’t assimilated that much.

Mike and Marcie are returning to Colorado in October, which will give us a new adventure to embark on. We’ll be moving out of the house we have called home for the last six years and either becoming homeowners or renting an apartment in preparation of buying a house. This is yet to be determined. By the seventh year of life in Colorado, I hope to be able to say we are settled into our own home and learning all kinds of things about the joy of home ownership. I might even actually decorate Jonathan’s room to celebrate. Poor baby still has a very gender neutral room from us not finding out his gender prior to birth. I’m foreseeing Star Wars everything.

So here’s to you, Colorado, for six years and who knows how many more to come. I’d raise a Coors Light to you, but beer is gross. So maybe next time we have some Stranahan’s available I’ll raise a glass to six years together. If you could go easy on the snow this year, it’d be much appreciated.


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