Five Things Friday

It’s been a little over three months since my last installment of Five Things Friday, so now seemed like a good time to pretend like I blog on a regular basis.


1. By far the craziest thing that happened this week is that after 31 years of hair virginity, I dyed my hair. Well, to be fair, this is really how it went down:
After discussing dying my hair on multiple occasions with my sister-in-law, I finally pulled the trigger. Stuff like this is totally outside of my comfort zone, but let’s face it, my comfort zone has only gotten smaller as I’ve gotten older. Joanna showed up at my house with Starbucks and 3 shades of dye in hand and then we sat down with Rebekah and discussed my options. Though we had planned on a semi-permanent, the only option there was not really the color I was looking for. So, I committed and went with permanent.
Aaaaand now I’m a redhead! It took me a few minutes to process having hair of a different color, but I really like it. It looks totally different depending on where I am standing and the lighting, which is pretty cool. Stephen likes it. Jonathan could not care less, haha.

2. It’s Summer Olympics season, which is amazing. I look forward to these couple of weeks every year, because even though I don’t care about most of these sports any other time, I do enjoy watching the USA dominate. ‘Merica. Gymnastics is by far my favorite, and watching the Final Five crush their routines the other night and take home the gold was incredible. I still remember watching the Magnificent Seven in Atlanta in 1996, when I was 11 years old, and thinking Dominique Moceanu’s floor routine to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” was the best thing I had ever seen. In the spirit of the Olympics, and watching more Olympic Weightlifting this year than ever before, this image made me laugh entirely too hard:

Well played, Crossfit South Bay, well played.

3. Stephen’s sister, Rebekah, has been living with us this summer before she goes back to Baylor for her junior year. We’ve all loved having her here, but none so much as Jonathan, who LOVES his “Uncle Bekah.” From the moment she walks in the door from work it’s “Hi Uncle Bekah. What are you doing Uncle Bekah? How are you doing Uncle Bekah?” Watching those two together has brought me so much joy. He wants to sit down and eat “milk and Cheerios” with her in the mornings and sit in her lap as we watch Harry Potter in the evenings. He’s going to be so sad when she goes back to Texas, but it’ll just make Christmas that much sweeter.

4. Our summer has been so crazy with vacations and family in town that we haven’t spent nearly enough time at local splash pads or any time at our neighborhood pool! It’s crazy to think it’s August and the local kids are back in school already after what must have seemed like the shortest summer in history. We’re looking forward to taking advantage of some splashing with friends before they close on Labor Day.


5. BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) starts in September and I can’t wait for it to get here! Having that weekly Bible study last year was such an amazing part of our week and I am so looking forward to studying John this year. The kids ministry is so great for Jonathan as well. It’s the one “standing appointment” Jonathan and I have every week and even that one little thing is really grounding for us. Okay, maybe only for me but Jonathan loves it too. And now that he’s a little older and will be placed in a group of older children, I can’t wait to hear all of the amazing things he learns!





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