2012 in Review

2012 wasn’t necessarily the easiest year for the Rabons. We came into this year in mourning, but despite that, there was so much good about this year that I don’t want to forget.

This year we:

Brewed 4 beers

Attended 7 Rockies games

Hosted a Super Bowl party

Attended 2 concerts

Had 3 visits from our family & friends

Visited 4 states (CA, NE, TX, & TN)

Went on trips to visit family & friends 5 times (3 to CA, 1 to NE, 1 to TN)

Attended 1 wedding

Had two babies born into our family

Took 3 trips to the mountains

Attended 1 Broncos game

Made 2 fancy new websites (www.mindofsteve.com & www.quotetherabon.com)

Got 1 amazing camera

Watched our first Summer Olympics as a married couple

My studly husband hit 3 home runs in softball, 1 of which was a grand slam

Made 4 Pinterest projects

Ate more Chipotle and watched more sports than is probably healthy or advisable

Placed 2nd at Trivia 2 times and 3rd place 1 time

Made 16 new recipes since the end of June

Carved a pumpkin together for the first time

Tried 4 new local restaurants since the end of June

Read 29 books (Amanda)

Saw my first ever live Grand Slam (and then saw another! Go Todd Helton!)

Attended our first Seder dinner with Chris and Alison

Tried the fried pickles everywhere we went that had them

Supported our friend Brian as he converted to Catholicism

Spent Easter with the Athertons

Spent Thanksgiving with the Kleinhuizens

Will spend Christmas with the Athertons

Celebrated 28 years of life

“Evicted” 2 R.O.U.S.es from our garage

Made 4 batches of tomatillo salsa

Made the fanciest Easter eggs ever with Brandon and Meghan

Wrote 20 blog posts (including this one, so far)

Made my first ever omelet

Survived “the apocalypse”

Celebrated 2 years of marriage

And honestly, I fell more in love with my husband each and every day.

We loved getting to watch A&M do well in their first year in the SEC.
We loved getting to watch A&M do well in their first year in the SEC.

I’m really looking forward to what 2013 holds for the Rabon family. I anticipate more special times visiting with our friends and family. I hope to be a part of more special moments for our friends. I hope to continue to enjoy the common interests that Stephen and I share. I look forward to gaining more knowledge about cooking and about my camera. And mostly, I look forward to spending another year with the love of my life and growing closer to each other.

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