Adios 2017, Bienvenidos 2018

To quote my husband’s 2017 Christmas letter (truly, he is way more talented than I am as a writer, and if you get our Christmas card, you know it): “As the world around us apparently rushes towards certain doom, the likes of which push our skills at faux hysterics, metaphor, and hyperbole to the limits […]

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Happy New Year! There’s something kind of refreshing about new years. Though I’ve never been big into the resolution thing, I like the idea that there’s a new year to try to make changes in your life, celebrate your accomplishments and embark on new adventures. Calendar years give a natural time stamp to the chapters […]

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2012 in Review

2012 wasn’t necessarily the easiest year for the Rabons. We came into this year in mourning, but despite that, there was so much good about this year that I don’t want to forget. This year we: Brewed 4 beers Attended 7 Rockies games Hosted a Super Bowl party Attended 2 concerts Had 3 visits from […]

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Looking Back on 2010

I can’t believe it but there are only 12 days left in 2010. 2010 has been an amazing year for us and it seems surreal that it’s already almost coming to a close. We have been extremely blessed with all of the events of this year and I am so happy to have spent 8 […]

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