Adios 2017, Bienvenidos 2018

To quote my husband’s 2017 Christmas letter (truly, he is way more talented than I am as a writer, and if you get our Christmas card, you know it):

“As the world around us apparently rushes towards certain doom, the likes of which push our skills at faux hysterics, metaphor, and hyperbole to the limits of the English language, it is kind of peaceful and fun to sit and reflect on the slightly less dramatic events that have made up the year of 2017 in the Rabon household.”

2017 has gotten a bad rep from a lot of people, but it was pretty good to us. I started 2017 like most people, with a list of goals I hoped to stick to and attain. I did okay for the first half of the year, but I had a change of priority mid-year that really defined 2017 for me.

So, to summarize my 2017, here are a few cool things I did that I’m proud of:

  • With the help & guidance of Macroholics, I lost 30 pounds from July 11 until the end of the year. I learned a lot through this process about fueling my body and hard work. I made decisions, I made sacrifices, and I made it happen. It was exactly what I needed to make weight loss goals into weight loss realities and I can’t recommend them enough. (For more reasons why I love them, check out my previous post). This experience wasn’t just about physical change, but also mental change. I learned a lot about how capable I am, how strong I am, and that a great program and some stubbornness can make great things happen.
  • In conjunction with the first one, I made my fitness a priority. I worked out 5-6 days a week consistently starting the same day that I started Macroholics. I saw my body get stronger, more defined, and more capable. I put in the work and I saw the fruit of my labor. Defined quad muscles. Baby biceps. A better butt. I did that.
  •  I took time for myself a tiny bit more. I’m really bad at this because I love my boys and literally want to spend every waking moment with them, but I treated myself to a couple more pedicures this year than usual and a couple of massages. And it was nice. Hoping to continue this trend into 2018.
  • I took some photos of really lovely people:
  • I started a process that scared me. We took the first steps into getting tested for infertility, even though I was terrified of what the results could have been. I wanted to back out. I looked for any excuse. But I made myself do it. And that’s not my jam at all, so overcoming that hurdle was huge for me.
  • I left an established BSF class to help start a pilot class in our town. It required me to step out in faith that the class would happen, that God would raise up childcare for Jonathan until we get the children’s program started, and that I didn’t have control over the situation and that that was okay. Leave it to my Nana to have the exact right response when I called to talk to her about it — “Abraham didn’t have all the answers when God told him to go. But he went.” My Nana is truly one of the wisest people on this earth.
  • I navigated the first year of home ownership with my favorite person and in the process learned how to install a water heater, a garage door opener, a dishwasher, and demo a deck. We also painted a room together, bought a new couch, anchored Jonathan’s furniture to the wall, mounted a TV, and built a garage gym. Stephen did about 99% of the work but I tried to help.


Looking ahead to 2018, here’s something cool that I’m planning to do:

Listen to the Daily Audio Bible podcast daily. My cousin Tori gets 100% credit for this one – she messaged me, my other cousin, my aunts and my mom to get us all to do it together and have conversations about it. We’re a week in and I’ve LOVED the conversations that we’re getting to have together. There’s an app or you can get it though the iTunes podcast app and I am really enjoying listening to it in the car with Jonathan. The other night he said to me “Mama, put on the man.” I said, “What man?” And he said “The man who talks about Jesus!” – Cue all the proud mama tears.

And that’s it so far. One good, solid plan, with opportunity to add more. Last year I think I got too ambitious, so I want to get a start on this one and if something interests me later as the days go on, I’ll add it in. But I’d totally love to hear what you’re focusing on this year, and maybe I’ll join you!

Our 2017 family photo by Thruessence Photography



One thought on “Adios 2017, Bienvenidos 2018

  1. You already know my focus, but one of the ones that lines up with you is taking a tiny bit more time for me. It might be a bubble bath while Aaron is downstairs with Milo. It might be coloring for 15 minutes before bed or a trip to Target by myself. Just something small to give me a moment to breath 🙂

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