Fifteen Things I Loved About Twenty-Fifteen

Celebrating Five Years of Marriage

Photo by Charlotte Geary Photography
Photo by Charlotte Geary Photography

On April 18, we celebrated our five-year anniversary. And while we married in North Lake Tahoe surrounded by our family and friends back in 2010, we spent our five-year anniversary on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by family, friends and dolphins. There’s nothing I love more than being Stephen’s wife and hitting this milestone anniversary while on vacation in Florida was a perfect way to usher in the next five years of wedded bliss with my best friend.


Celebrating Jonathan’s First Birthday


Though I can barely handle the fact that my baby is one (and he’ll be two in just over two weeks), his first birthday was such a special occasion. We had a small, intimate gathering of just us, my parents and Brandon & Meghan and it was the perfect, low-key way to celebrate our little man. He ate the sprinkles off of his cake one by one, had Rabon pancakes and birthday tacos and was surrounded by lots of love. His life brings such joy to us and I am looking forward to celebrating another year very soon!


Our Family Growing

Top Left: Meeting Camden at the hospital, Top Right: Meeting Elijah, Bottom: Jeff & Abbye’s wedding

This year our family has grown in a few ways. In April, Stephen’s cousin Jeff married the lovely Abbye in Destin, Florida. In the fall, they announced that they will be having their first child in March. We can’t wait to meet Baby Wyatt!

My cousin Tori had her first baby, an adorable little man named Elijah, who has stolen my heart (and Jonathan’s- just check out that little smooch!) and whom I regularly demand photos of via text.

Our close friends Brandon and Meghan also welcomed little Camden in August and I just adore him and love being his auntie!

ALSO! Dan liked it, so he put a ring on it! Joanna will officially become a Rabon in February. I had the great privilege of taking two sets of engagement pictures for them, as well as welcoming Joanna to the family with an engagement party in August. I only get {legal} sisters through marriage so I am super excited to get another.

Dan, Joanna and Mack
Dan, Joanna and Mack


Twelve Photoshoots with Amanda Rabon Photography


I feel SO fortunate to have worked with all of these beautiful people to tell their stories through photographs. It’s an honor to get to be a part of these precious moments in life and to capture the love between people.


Celebrating my grandparents’ 80th birthdays


My family is SO precious to me and getting to surround my Nana and Papa with love in celebration of 80 years on this earth was perfect. It was basically a family reunion and I LOVED being surrounded by my cousins and their kids (wait, weren’t WE the kids like five minutes ago?). This legacy of love created by my Nana and Papa is so special and a beautiful example to all of us of the importance of family and raising your children to serve God and serve others. I’m so blessed by these amazing people.


Joining Bible Study Fellowship

IMG_6701I’m loving learning more about God through this study on Revelation and the connections the lessons are making between Revelation and all of the books of the Bible.

Studying the Bible with other women and being taught by other women is such a rewarding experience. Seeing the Bible as one book with an interwoven story that repeatedly tells us about God’s grace and mercy towards his children has been eye-opening and refreshing to my soul. I love that Jonathan is getting lessons at his age level too.

I am loving this year and already can’t wait until next year when we study the book of John!


Thrive Moms LocalIMG_6742

Realizing that being a hermit might be okay for me but probably wasn’t so good for Jonathan, I joined a local affiliate group of Thrive Moms. Through this community I have met some truly incredible women of God whom I love getting together with and letting our kiddos play! Jonathan loves the mixture of older and younger children he gets to interact with and I love talking to the other moms who are in the “mommy trenches” right alongside me. Knowing that we are all like-minded, Christian women enables us to speak to each other on a deeper level when needed and encourage each other through whatever we are in the middle of at the time. I know I’ll be relying heavily on the counsel and encouragement of these ladies once we officially start potty training!


So Many Family Visits!

Jonathan is so blessed to have been able to spend SO much time with family this year! I want Jonathan to get to experience as much time with our families as possible- each and every person provides him with more love, more opportunities to learn and different interests. We’ve hosted my parents, Stephen’s parents, Rebekah, CD, Ash & Slade, Nana & Papa, Gram & Grandpa at our house. We’ve also visited all of our Victorville family, the Moores in Florida, and all the extended family of Rabons in Florida as well. It’s been a blessed year!



Our New Subaru Outback


The first “big” purchase of our marriage was our brand new Subaru Outback! With the Jeep getting increasingly tricky to drive and Colorado winters being a real factor, we needed a car that would be reliable in the snow and would work with a growing (hopefully soon) family. We love our Subaru and feel super connected to their effective marketing campaigns.




Family PicturesIMG_7315

We got new family photos taken by the lovely and talented Living Reflection Photography. These were the first professional photos we had gotten done since Jonathan was 3 months old. And I LOVE THEM. Check out my amazing gallery wall I made in our living room with photos that Brooke and Josh took for us. They captured so many moments of genuine love between us. Most of all, though, I love every single photo of my boys together. First of all, they’re the most handsome boys in the entire world. But, the way they interact and the pure joy and admiration on Jonathan’s face with Stephen just makes my heart so happy. They’re the best.


Watching my husband be a huge stud


Anyone who knows Stephen knows he’s into Crossfit. He’s been going to BackCountry Crossfit for about 2.5 years now and the loves the workouts, the community and the challenge it presents to him. This September, however, was the first time that he competed in a competition. It made me so proud to see him out there working hard and looking darn good doing it, I must say. He’s such a great example of hard work and determination for our son!


Our amazing 9 foot Christmas treeIMG_7181

I love a real Christmas tree. The smell of fresh tree is what I imagine Heaven smells like. So when we went to buy our tree this year and found an amazing sale that enabled us to buy a larger tree than we ever had before, I was in love. This nine-foot beauty made our home home-ier, our Christmas brighter and made me literally skip through the greenhouse. So many wonderful memories of putting our tree atop our Subaru for the first time, the near impossible task of putting lights on such a large tree and Stephen getting stuck behind it will be fondly remembered for years to come.


Returning to being a Stay at Home Mom

In May, my return trip to working at the school came to an end with the school year and I returned to being a full-time stay at home mom. I have loved getting to be home with Jonathan every day and watching with great wonder as he has grown so much. Being a stay at home mom has also enabled me to pursue my photography more, join BSF and grow wonderful friendships with my Thrive Moms friends. I am so thankful for a husband who works incredibly hard to make this possible for us.

Household Updates

IMG_4843 IMG_4844 IMG_5923


After the boys moved out in June, I updated Dan’s old bedroom and bathroom to make it into a guest room. It was fun to give it a little makeover and it got to enjoy its first visitor just a few weeks later when my mom came out. We put lights up under the deck for Dan and Joanna’s engagement party in August and I am totally in love with them. Some warm nights were spent under the lights enjoying some wine with my husband and I can’t wait until it is warm enough to do that again! The other big change was our gallery wall, pictured above.

Jonathan Growing Up

Left: December 31, 2014, Right: December 26, 2015
Left: December 31, 2014, Right: December 26, 2015

Though I am in massive denial that we almost have a two-year old, I couldn’t be more proud of the little man our son is becoming. He is incredibly smart, adventurous and mischievous. He talks up a storm and is so fun to interact with. He learns from everything and knows how to be funny and sweet. I’ll write more about him and his accomplishments when I do his two-year post in a few weeks, but he is by far my greatest accomplishment. I couldn’t be more proud to be his mother and to be on the journey of parenthood with the most incredible man in the world.





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