As of this past Sunday, our sweet little man is officially a two-year old. I’m not entirely sure how this happened because I just had him like two days ago, but he has grown into this amazing, smart, funny, beautiful boy to whom I am so lucky to be called “mama.”

Jonathan had his two-year checkup on the day after his birthday, and clocked in at 33.5″ and 26 pounds. He’s still considered “small” for his age, but I think he’s pretty much perfect. The doctor was extremely impressed by how verbal he is and his knowledge of shapes and numbers. Leave it to Jonathan to let the doctor know that her reflex hammer is a triangle and that we were in room number 7.

Jonathan speaks very well and very clearly. He knows so many words I would be hard-pressed to list them, and has some wonderful phrases that I am totally in love with. He calls strawberries “strawbabies.” He likes to let you know that “I found them/it.” So when we are driving he will say “Airplane! I found it!” My absolute favorite is when he puts out his little hand and looks up to say “Mama hand? Please?” Melt my heart. I’m also a big fan of “Mama here?” as he pats the seat next to him. He also loves “Choc-ate” and “Stormtrooper/Vader/Loda (Yoda)” fruit snacks.

Mama hand?

He loves Star Wars (specifically Darth Vader and Stormtroopers) and Mickey Mouse. If you ever need the entire script, including songs, to the Mickey Mouse version of The Three Musketeers recited, I’m your girl. That’s his current favorite cartoon to watch with breakfast.

He’s just too much.

He’s all boy- running, jumping, riding his motorcycle and throwing footballs. He is able to go up the stairs now without holding on to anything, and goes down them holding the railing or my hand. He recognizes numbers 0-9 and points them out wherever we go. Just today he took the straw out of a juice box and told me it was a seven. He knows his colors and some shapes. He’s particularly fond of triangles and spots them wherever we go (his blocks, the hazard lights in the car, yield signs).

He does great when I drop him off at the children’s ministry at BSF and loves park dates with our moms group. He adores older children and trying to imitate them. He is very gentle and sweet with younger children. He learns important life skills from our friends, such as yelling/signaling “first down!” when watching football games. He loves to play with his uncles and aunts. He absolutely adores his big cousin Slade and Skyping with him. He’s such a little extrovert.


He and his dad are the two cutest humans on the planet. I love them together. Jonathan laughs the hardest with his daddy- a trait he no doubt inherited from me. I can’t imagine a better man for my son to grow up imitating and learning from. They bring me the most joy of anything in this world.

As I look forward to this next year of Jonathan’s precious life, I know I will struggle with the idea that my baby is so grown up. But, I also celebrate the amazing little person he is growing into. I know God has an incredible calling on Jonathan’s life and that he will do great things. I pray that He will guide us in parenting Jonathan. My friend Nicole said so perfectly today at the park that God made us Jonathan’s parents and that He has given us everything we need to parent the child he’s blessed us with. And such a big part of that will be the community that we surround ourselves and our son with. We are blessed that our “village” is filled with God-fearing, loving, wise people. Thank you to all of you who make our lives, and Jonathan’s life, that much richer.


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