Thankful Thursdays

This week, I waited until Saturday intentionally to post my Thankful Thursdays post. Thursday was our anniversary, so that was a much bigger priority than a timely blog post. Yesterday, I wanted to post about my juice fast. So, here we are.

This week I am thankful for:

1. Thoughtful gifts sent from wonderful family members

2. Heroes showing themselves in the darkest hours

3. The fact that casualties of the terror attack in Boston were not higher

4. That I had the willpower and determination to finish my 10 day fast

5. That I can eat again

6. That I’ve been married to the most amazing man for three years

7. Every hard thing we’ve experienced in marriage, we have made it through together and it has only made us stronger

8. Getting to eat bruschetta after craving it for 10 days

9. Grass is finally turning green even though it has been “spring” for a month

10. No snow on our anniversary

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