What’s In A Name?

My wonderful husband explains why we named our son Jonathan 🙂

The Mind of Steve


Baby Jonathan – 1 Week

I’ve always grown up under the impression that names should mean something. For example my name, Stephen, means “The Crowned One”. While I don’t believe I have much future as king (except in my Clash of Clans kingdom, where I’m clearly the totes to my goats), I’ve always felt that my name reflected God’s deep love for me and the high expectations He has for me, expectations which I imagine my Clash of Clans kingdom is simultaneously causing me to fall alarmingly short of. My name is a reminder to me that God has a plan for me. A big plan. I like that.

There’s also a small chance it could foreshadow my death by stoning.

I’ve always liked that my name has a story and meaning behind it and it was something I wanted to give my children. I wanted to have a story…

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