Nine Months

Jonathan's pose for GQ 9 Months Old
Jonathan’s pose for GQ
9 Months Old

Nine months ago, this amazing child entered the world. From day one, he’s brought joy to his dad and I, along with the rest of our families. He’s been such a happy baby and continues to enrich our lives in every possible way. At nine months, he’s a very busy boy. Crawling from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed, with only very short naps in between, he’s a man on a mission. Jonathan is also a big fan of pulling himself up on everything – the couch, the hearth, people’s pant legs, the refrigerator, the side of the bath tub. He’s begun walking along things and at times pulls his hands off and stands alone for a few seconds. It’ll only be a short matter of time before he’s walking and, no doubt, running, the halls.

Jonathan is a great eater. He wants to eat everything in sight. He still nurses a few times a day, drinks some formula, eats puréed foods and also some finger foods. He has yet to dislike a food we’ve offered him. Cottage cheese and scrambled eggs are new additions to the lineup, but we are consistently letting him try pieces from our meals. He’s got a top tooth breaking through, so we anticipate having two top teeth in the near future to help chew his new culinary conquests.

He’s had a very busy few months of visits with family and new adventures. His Grandpa, Great Papa and Great Nana came to visit at the end of August and he went up his first “fourteener,” Mt. Evans.


He also traveled to California for his Uncle CD and Auntie Ash’s wedding in San Francisco. He had lots of fun playing with his big cousin Slade and then going to Nevada to meet his new baby cousin, Milo.

Cousins pushing each other on the swing
Cousins pushing each other on the swing
J with his big cousin, Jackson and baby cousin, Milo
J with his big cousin, Jackson and baby cousin, Milo

We also made our annual Kenosha Pass trip to see the fall colors. Colorado in the fall is truly beautiful.

IMG_8217 IMG_8235 IMG_8261

He was also my little assistant on my first family photo session for my new venture, Amanda Rabon Photography. A cuter assistant you’ll never find.

Jonathan’s next adventures include his current visit from his Grandma Marcie, his first Halloween, and a trip to Florida for my cousin Jessica’s wedding (and flying with Mommy alone – pray for us!).  We go for his 9 month well-baby appointment on Monday, so be on the lookout on my Instagram or Facebook for his new stats!

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