Ten Months

This post is super late- he’s now 6 days shy of 11 months!

Ten months. And every month he gets more fun.

Jonathan has brought so much laughter to our lives. He’s got such an adventurous spirit and is always ready to play with us. He’s started attending the Montessori school that I am currently long-term subbing at (where I used to work) and the teachers say what a joy he is. He loves to explore, he’s incredibly busy and he’s quick to smile and laugh.

He now has five teeth, which he’s loving using to explore new foods. He wants to try anything and everything he can get his hands on, but also still finds himself addicted to puffs. On Thanksgiving he was in heaven eating turkey, mashed potatoes and ambrosia. Bananas, cottage cheese and yogurt are becoming regulars in his meal rotation. He also really loved Uncle Brandon’s chicken enchilada casserole! He looks like such a big boy holding his banana and chomping away.

He’s getting ever closer to walking, cruising along furniture, the hearth, his parents. He still loves going up the stairs, but has just figured out that he can go down if he does it feet first. A very exciting development! He got to use a walking toy at Thanksgiving with the Athertons and he loved the independence of walking “on his own.” He likes to do it with the push wagon at school, too!

I can’t believe how close we are to his first birthday! I am both incredibly emotional that my baby is so grown up but also so incredibly proud to be his mom. His desire to learn is amazing to watch and the way that he continues to interact with the world around him and gain knowledge from it definitely brings on those proud mom moments. We’re so blessed to have such a happy, easy-going baby! He loves his teachers and all of his aunties and uncles. He is happy to cruise around the coffee table while we’re all gathered to watch football and stop in to play with everyone there. And to turn off the tv during Broncos games… that blue light on the cable box is just too good to resist!

Jonathan Michael, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t love you more!

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