Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

  1. A great photo shoot with the Anderson Family on Sunday. Little Lily is just such a doll! I’m looking forward to shooting her 12 month photos in April!
  2. Two beautiful January days at nearly 70 degrees. A girl could get used to such gloriousness! I’m even more excited for spring after taking Jonathan to the park this week.
  3. A park play date with my friend Stephanie and her sweet little guy, Waylon. Steph used to work with me at the school and her son is only a few months older than Jonathan. It was so good to catch up with her!
  4. A play date with Kelsey and Piper. These two girls are such wonderful friends to us and getting to spend some time together discussing motherhood and our families was just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes it’s good to not be a hermit.
  5. Adorable photos of my baby boy at school sent to me by his teacher.
    This face!
    This face!


  6. Experienced teachers in Jonathan’s class and all around me who are great resources for me as a mother of a child transitioning from infant to toddler.
  7. A husband who is constantly working to provide for our family.
  8. Listening to the cutest baby giggles on a regular basis- his personality is just blossoming daily!
  9. Getting better at running again. I take any small increase in speed or endurance as a victory. For that matter, I take any time I follow through and actually do it as a victory. Cuddling my boys is always preferable, but sometimes this mama needs to do it for herself and it’s my half hour of “me time” each day.
  10. Making great progress in the goals I’ve set for myself this year. I’m hopeful to continue this trend as we embark on February!

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