Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Extra cuddles from my baby this weekend (even though it was because he was sick)

2. Tons of prayers pouring in from all over the country for Jonathan from our family and friends. Literally coast to coast!

3. Dan doing well at the Winter WODfest competition

4. Kind strangers on the freeway letting Stephen know the tire on my car was flat before it exploded and could have seriously endangered his life.

5. Antibiotics. Modern medicine gets a bad reputation a lot of the time, but the amazing difference in how Jonathan felt before and after he got the amoxicillin is enough to make this mama thankful.











6. Costco prorating a new tire for us after ours was unrepairable. Huge savings.

7. The incredible generosity of some of the people in our lives, who always want to bless us, no matter the reason.

8. Paying off some debt – what a great feeling and such an investment in our family’s future.

9. Stronger, harder, better runs. I know I’m dropping the running card every week but I’m working my butt off so I’m thankful to feel results.

10. My sweet baby boy feeling well enough to take his 12 month photos, finally.

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