Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Actually remembering to write this on Thursday this week!

2. Getting some gorgeous shots of my handsome boy in his 12 month photos IMG_0832IMG_0846             IMG_0835 3. And one with his incredibly handsome daddy IMG_0861 4. Jonathan’s new dancing skills. I absolutely love watching him dance to the Friends theme song, the Grammys, me singing…

5. Getting to have a BBQ with our friends. In February. It was a beautiful day outside and Jonathan loved exploring Jameson and Rachel’s backyard 🙂 IMG_2978 6. Having so many friends who are so good with our son. He got to hang out with Kevin & Brittany at Kevin’s surprise party and Jameson, Rachel, Brandon, Meghan, Kellen, Molly & Benny at the BBQ. It’s so fun having a baby who likes people.

7. Getting to take Jonathan for a long walk to the park and playing there for a little while.

8. Jonathan’s new blowing kisses trick. He blows me kisses when I drop him off at his class every morning.

9. Ordering the prettiest business cards for Amanda Rabon Photography – I can’t wait for them to arrive.

10. A short work week this week and next week. Extra time with my boy!

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