Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Working at a school. If one must have a job, a school is a pretty nice place to work for getting extra days off. I definitely enjoyed an extra day off with my sweet baby due to conferences and Presidents’ Day, too.

2. Having a baby with such personality. He is SO funny. I’ve thought he was funny since I was pregnant with him!

3. Getting to spend Valentine’s Day with the man of my dreams and the baby love of my life. Even though Stephen had to work that morning, I’ll take all the time I can get with my boys.

4. That was our 8th Valentine’s Day together. I knew he was a keeper from the very first one when, having been together just over a month, he sent me a legit Joe Sakic jersey. Clearly it was love.

5. The absolute joy Jonathan experienced making the biggest mess ever out of one tiny Dove chocolate heart. I was laughing so hard watching this unfold in my rearview mirror that I had to pull over and document it.


6. Brunch and cards with our great friends, Brandon & Meghan.

7. Speaking of Brandon and Meghan, now that it’s “Facebook official,” I can finally say I’m thankful for their sweet baby on the way!

8. Jonathan has been blowing kisses like crazy this week and it gets cuter every single time.

9. Jonathan being right on track with his development at his conference at school. They even said he holds his crayon the right way, so he’s advanced on that. Do we have a little writer or artist on our hands?!

10. Receiving my business cards in the mail- they’re so cute! And updating my website to match them.

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