Five Things Friday

1. We got to spend a night in the mountains at The Silver Lake Lodge to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary last weekend. It is such a great little place and we already are trying to plan the next trip back! Hopefully we can make it up during the summer so that we can enjoy the beautiful deck and go on a little hike up St. Mary’s Glacier. The other guests were raving about the dinners there, so we definitely want to try to eat at the lodge next time. We couldn’t help but go to Beau Jo’s since we were in Idaho Springs.


This was the view from the Fireplace Room while we were there. The snow made for a picturesque view, for sure. This was also our first time both being away from Jonathan overnight. I surprised myself by how calm I was about that, haha. But he was with his Uncle Brandon, Aunt Meghan and Camden so I knew he was in good hands. He is still talking about all the fun they had so I think we all got a great weekend out of the deal.


2. Spring is really trying to get here in Colorado. Two weekends ago, we had a blizzard and got 2 feet of snow at our house. Then last weekend, we got home from our getaway to a lovely, warm day and the tree out front blossoming.


And now it is snowing again all weekend. This isn’t surprising in Colorado, it’s just annoying. I’m over it being cold and I just want all the days to be warm and to get to take Jonathan outside to parks and to play with the neighbors. When it is warm, we’ll spend a few hours outside in the afternoons and he loves every second of it. When it snows, we stay in and he literally runs circles around me, the kitchen island, the main floor of the house, and anyone else who comes along.


3. For those who don’t know, I recently started a part-time, work from home position with the company Stephen works for. It’s been good to make a little extra money and I work when Jonathan is napping, so it doesn’t take away from my time with him. The other day I was doing some location scouting for a property in NYC and came across The Library Hotel and now I’m obsessed with it. I’ve never really felt like I “had to” go to NYC, but now I do. And I’d be perfectly happy to stay in the hotel reading room and soak in the awesomeness and not do anything else. Although, now thanks to work, I know some good restaurants in the area, so maybe we could leave to eat.


4. BSF is coming to an end next week, and I am totally bummed because it has been awesome! So, I wanted to find a study to do over the summer to stay in my Bible. I’m scrolling instagram and the lovely people over at She Reads Truth announced that they are putting out a summer study on the book of Acts. Well within minutes I had ordered the She + He bundle so Stephen and I will be studying Acts together this summer! I’m really excited and this study book looks beautiful!


5.  The new Douglas County Library in Castle Pines opened on April 21 and Jonathan attended story time there this week to check it out! It is easily 4x the size of our old library. The children’s section is really big now and all the space allowed for more fun things for Jonathan to do. They have this really cool “Lite Brite-inspired” wall with lights that change color when you twist them. He loved that! We look forward to many more trips this summer. They even have a special Star Wars “May the Fourth Be With You” event next week that we might HAVE TO check out.


Yes, he is trying to eat the bubbles.

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