Just over a week ago, I was having a normal Friday night with my husband binge watching LOST (Yes, I am about 10 years behind the rest of the world) when we heard a knock on the door. Now at 10:30pm, I am usually sleeping soundly, and having just been watching a show where people regularly hallucinate, imagine my utter confusion when I walked to the door and saw my sister, Nikki, holding her son standing outside my door. I basically just stared for a minute or two before realizing that I wasn’t dreaming (or hallucinating) and opened the door.

Nikki’s car was “broken.” She was “going to Boise” that weekend to visit her sister-in-law.

Web. of. lies.

Nikki had been collaborating with Stephen for months to surprise me. And boy, was I surprised!

After trying to wrap my head around what was happening, Nikki, Aaron and Milo came in and got settled into the room that Stephen had somewhat sneakily prepared for them.

What followed was exactly the kind of weekend that people who live far away from their loved ones wish for all the time. A weekend filled with taking our children to the park together, eating simple meals and most of all just talking and catching up for hours. It was good for my soul.

So tired but so happy!
Cousin breakfast time



Throwing balls from the balcony is the most fun ever.




Cousins enrapt in The Force Awakens


And I get to see them all again in Vacaville in a few weeks!

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