Things I Love Lately Part Deux

Inspired by the lovely and talented Nikki over at Just Glass on the Outside here are a few things that currently make me happy. As she said, I am not compensated for these words but if anyone wants to fund my habits, I’m totally okay with that!

Halo Top Ice Cream

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.29.37 AM

So thanks to the Ibotta app, I discovered a new ice cream to love. Now I would love to eat pint upon pint of Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream daily, but I can eat an ENTIRE PINT of Halo Top‘s delicious ice cream for the caloric value of 1/4 of a pint of B&J’s. I’m not sure what kind of voodoo is used to create this glorious concoction, but by some magic this low-sugar, low-carb, high-protein, no synthetic growth hormone, gluten-free and kosher dairy ice cream tastes amazing. I tried the birthday cake flavor and it was just like the sweet cream from Coldstone. I’m considering putting some in my coffee because that sounds like heaven. And right now (through 6/24), Ibotta has a rebate for $1.50 back on a pint of Halo Top so I’m definitely grabbing another pint when I go to the store today. I think I’ll try the mint chip next!


Better Place by Rachel Platten

This song makes me think of my husband and it makes me all mushy. Plus, I just watched this music video for the first time and the concept is so cute that it just made me like this song even more.


Sirius XM Radio

For Mother’s Day, my boys got me another year of Sirius XM Radio and I love it. My main stations are The Highway, Hits1, 90s on 9, Pop2K, 80s on 8, The Pulse, Octane and The Message. Basically I get to play DJ every time I drive. There’s nostalgia with the 90s on 9 and Pop2k for sure. It makes me want to go on ALL THE ROADTRIPS because I’ll always have good music. Soooo, who wants to road trip with me?


Boomerang App

As usual I’m pretty late to the party but making short videos of Jonathan doing things repeatedly is terribly amusing. Like the time we got to Chipotle a few minutes before it opened and he really wanted his quesadilla and some chips:


My Fitbit

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.59.57 AM

So I’ve had a Fitbit for a few years now but then a certain tiny tornado found it and then I could not. But, it has been recovered and I’ve been wearing it faithfully for about two weeks. I don’t have particularly high goals for it, but I do like that it keeps me mindful of ways to move more. Like parking further away at the grocery store. I also just added people as friends on Fitbit and I’m not entirely sure what that entails but it sounded like fun at the time. Also, I may or may not have walked up and down our stairs and around the house a few times last night because I was super close to the goal number. And my husband may or may not have laughed at me.


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