Five Things Friday

House Hunting

It’s a long process. We’ve been actively looking with our realtor for a few months now and we’ve seen a number of houses we’ve liked, some we did not, and some that we liked enough to put offers in on. We’ve been under contract once, but it didn’t work out. We’ve put in two other offers that got outbid. And we definitely have one that we consider “the one that got away.” I was hopeful to be in our own home by Christmas, mainly because I have a sickness and love to decorate and can you imagine how much fun it will be to decorate our OWN HOME? I’m not sure that Stephen is prepared for the eventuality that I go completely insane when we do end up having our first Christmas in our first home.  But, I’m trying to maintain the attitude that God has the perfect house already picked out for us and that our time will come. Patience is hard.

Photography & Learning Lightroom

img_5332Things have been picking up over at Amanda Rabon Photography lately, which has been fun. Family sessions, maternity, and even wedding getting ready shots have been taken in just the last few months. As part of my own professional growth, I’ve decided to learn Lightroom for editing. I’ve used Aperture thus far, which I like and find to be extremely user friendly, but Apple is no longer going to make improvements to Aperture going forward. So, since Lightroom will be continually upgraded in the future, it is wise for me to be able to work in that platform. Any photographer friends who have tips or presets they love — please share!

Christmas Advent Activities

The time is almost upon us for planning the December calendar of fun leading up to Christmas! Last year we did a number of super fun things and I’m hoping to keep some classics and add some new ideas this year.

Last year’s Christmas Cookies with Uncles and Aunt 🙂

I would love any fun suggestions that you may have for things to do leading up to Christmas!


Thanks to the extremely generous donation of about a billion Southwest points by Matt, this year Stephen, Jonathan and I will be spending Thanksgiving in Vacaville with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and grandparents. To say that I am excited is a huge understatement. It’s been 3 years since the last holiday I had with my family (see: super pregnant with Jonathan) so I’m really looking forward to this!1486815_10102293476007523_1047337450_n

This seems like a lifetime ago.

Biden/Obama Memes


These Joe Biden memes that have come out on the internet since the election are so funny. I can’t get enough of them. In the days following the election and with the amount of hate out there, these make me laugh almost every time.

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