Five Things Friday

It appears that Five Things Friday is now my primary method of blogging, so here we go with a nice little mini-update on life!

House Hunting Update

As of Tuesday, we are currently under contract on a home in Castle Rock. I’m going to keep details to a minimum for the time being as there are still a number of variables between now and our closing date, but we’re pretty excited. Our inspection is on Sunday, so that’s one step closer. If things go well with the inspection and the appraisal, we’ll be moving into our first home in mid-January. Just in time for a certain tiny person’s 3rd birthday (WHAT). There are some awesome coincidences with the house address that I totally love, so hopefully I’ll be able to tell you all about it soon!


We have just started a new Netflix show: Paranoid. It’s a crime/mystery show that Netflix recommended because we watched Broadchurch. If you haven’t watched Broadchurch yet, do it. We watched two seasons in a shockingly short amount of time in July/August. I hope that this one will be just as good – we’ve only watched the first episode of the mini-series so far.

Speaking of TV shows…
Who watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? What are your thoughts? I was lucky enough to be in California when it premiered, so I got to watch “Winter” with my sisters, one of whom is the most Gilmore-loving person I know. I’ve since finished the revival and have read some really great thoughts on the internet about it, but I’d love to know what people I know think about how it all went down!

Pinterest & Craigslist & Sales, Oh my!
Since we are potentially buying a house soon, I’m on the lookout for decorating ideas and cheap, but awesome, furniture. We own so little furniture because we haven’t had to (Mike & Marcie left a lot of stuff in the house when we moved in), so it’ll be pretty bare for a while. We don’t even own a kitchen table! I’m super excited to decorate our own home and I already have some ideas for the house formulating in my head. Stephen will soon rue the day that I was given the wifi password.

Today is my birthday
And I’m 32. If you would have told me in high school, or even in college,  that this is what my life would look like at 32, I wouldn’t have believed it. But lucky for me, God always has a better plan than my own.

Photo by Thruessence Photography

I am so blessed to get to spend my birthday with these two handsome men that God has given to me. Stephen took the day off, so I’ll get to spend the whole day with my two favorites.

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