Five Things Friday

2017 Goals Recap
For those of you who read my 2017 goals post you know that I have laid out some specific goals for not only the year, but also each month. As to my yearly goals, I have successfully abstained from soda, posted a weekly best photo, and used my planner (though I could probably use it for more than I have). January’s goal was no fast food, and I’m happy to say that was a success. It was really only hard when we would come home from BSF, because it’s lunch time and I want to feed J before he falls asleep on the 40 min drive home. But, we persevered, had some fun sit-down Mother-Son lunch dates and didn’t cave. February’s goal is “No Social Media Saturdays” – so when I go to bed tonight, I will not be back on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter until I wake up Sunday morning. So don’t do anything awesome on Saturdays this month, because I’m all like:

Haha, but really, I’m hopeful to spend some quality time from my boys and really be present. Obviously if you need me, or really have to tell me something exciting like you’re having a baby, you can text me.

FB 30 Round 2
As of this morning I’m two weeks deep into an eight week Fitness Blender program called FB 30 Round 2. I LOVE the workouts Fitness Blender offers, because they’re easy to follow along to, FREE if you don’t purchase a program (but even at $14.99, for an orchestrated workout program that you can reuse over and over, you can’t beat the price – I got it on Cyber Monday for $9.99 I think), and the trainers aren’t annoying. I mean, p90x has some great workouts but when Tony Horton does like two reps and then goes to “check on the kids,” I get annoyed. Kelli and Daniel are right there, doing every rep with you, so you can respect that they are suffering too. FB30 is great because it’s the plan “for busy people,” so each workout is roughly 30 minutes a day. They set up a calendar for you with a mixture of upper body, lower body, core, HIIT, cardio and stretching. Even with a crazy busy three-year old, and BSF two days a week, and weekly prayer group, and keeping our house acceptably clean, I can squeeze that in.

Sometimes Jonathan joins me for workouts – and sometimes he wants to lift even during the cardio portion. I get that.

Jonathan has been sick-ish the last couple days, which is no fun (except the extra cuddling, I’m totally into that). I use the term sick-ish because although he was running a fever, he was still playing and running and chatting up a storm. He would stop for cuddles more often than he normally does, but the boy doesn’t stop for anything. Unfortunately this morning he woke up with pink eye, but thanks to the Kaiser online chat with a doctor feature, he has started eye drops.

“I woke up like this.” – Jonathan (and Beyoncé)
Jonathan taking Batman’s temperature, just in case










I’m hopeful that he’ll be back up to full health quickly so we can get together with friends for playdates and not infect everyone we know (sorry to anyone we may have infected unknowingly).

I talk about BSF a lot, because I love it a lot. Bible Study Fellowship has been a big part of the last year and a half for Jonathan and I. We started last year for the study of Revelation, and now we’re about halfway through our study of John. This was my first year serving in the children’s ministry, and it’s been great to see our kiddos learning about Jesus and telling their parents about the Bible stories we’ve taught them. Jonathan and I have joined a prayer group recently that meets to pray over the class we are hoping to open in the fall in Castle Rock! Like within 15 minutes from our new house! If you’re interested in joining next fall in Castle Rock, let me know and I can keep you apprised of new info/add you to the invitation list! It’s one morning a week (I don’t know if we’ve officially nailed down Wed or Thurs yet) from about 9:30-11:30 with amazing teaching for the moms and kiddos (if you have them). And every bit of it is completely free – the classes, the weekly handouts, the childcare. Next year we’ll be studying Romans, and I’m really excited for it! All ages welcome and all denominations. [It’s worldwide, so if you’re not local to me, check your area at the link above!]

J and I in the parking lot, ready to head into BSF



The Happiness Project
I’ve been re-reading a book that I read a few years ago called The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean my Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun and it’s been fun to look at it now, as parent, and see how it hits differently in this stage of life. I saw it on my shelf, and since I’m doing a monthly goal thing this year, I thought it would be fun to read the tales of someone doing a similar thing. It isn’t focused on being unhappy and trying to become happy, but instead being happy and trying to see if you can become happier. It’s fun and worth a read. Plus, I’m a big fan of the “year challenge” kinds of books, hence why I’ve read all the AJ Jacobs books I’ve encountered.




Note: I am not sponsored by or given free stuff by the creators of anything I mention in this post. But if people want to give me free stuff, I’m on board. Opinions are all my own.

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